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motigo app review: part II

Disclaimer: I received a 25 free cheers to send on Motigo to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!

I wrote Part I yesterday, you can read it here. For today’s post, I’ll be discussing the part of the app that is Cheering for a Runner.

If this is your first time with the app - you’ll of course need to download it and then register with an email. If you need more details, you can refer to Part I.

At the bottom of the Motigo App screen, you’ll see the following options: Race, Cheer, How it Works, and FAQ. You’ll want to go to Cheer.

Search for Participant Screen.

Then, you can either search for an event and then select your runner through the list of runners for that specific event, OR you can select a participant and then select which race you want to send a cheer for. 

The list of participants for a selected event.

Once the event and runner are chosen, you can select which mile you want your cheer played at. Then, you’ll hit the record button. The nice thing about this is that you can listen to your message and re-record if needed. I’ve made mistakes/sounded like an idiot, so recorded a few messages over. I tend to not listen to the playback, since I don’t like to hear the sound of my own voice haha.

Confirm Your Cheer before sending.

After confirming and sending a cheer,
you receive this message.

When your cheer plays, you receive an email from Motigo alerting you that your cheer just played for your runner. I was happy to get this, because the first time I sent a cheer I was worried that I didn’t do it right. Relief.

I think my only ‘con’ about the app is that the person sending cheers has to pay $1.99 per cheer. That seems a bit steep, especially if you have a runner that does a lot of races that you can be a part of. I’m sure the app will be evolving as time goes on, and I hope there winds up being maybe a subscription based option where you pay so much a month or year and get unlimited cheers. Or perhaps a package of 10, where 1 is free. Something like that, I think you get the idea. I just feel bad that the cheers are for my benefit, so I feel bad having the person giving me encouragement pay to do so. 

I do hope in the future there are some more options. I was fortunate enough to be able to test the app for free - and I really enjoyed being able to cheer for people and also receive cheers while I was racing, so I think it’s something worth looking into, especially for those longer races - half marathons, marathons - or even the shorter ones if your runner is new to racing and could use those encouraging words from friends and family. It’s quite helpful in finishing a race strong. Head on over to their website if you’re interested in some more details or go here if you have questions.

How about you – do you enjoy cheers from spectators, or being a cheerleader during races? I wasn’t able to run a race last weekend, so I went to cheer on everyone else and had a great time. I’d definitely recommend it (or volunteering for a race if you can).

Here’s another SUPER FUN thing happening. Motigo has partnered with Nuun(one of my favorite hydration products) for National Running Day Virtual Run! It goes from June 3–7, and you’ll run a 5k (or longer, if you want). Download the app and add the event to your list. You’ll have a chance to win prizes WHILE you are running! How cool is that? Nuun has lined up some surprise messages from some special guests… I can’t wait to hear who it is and what they have to say! Make sure to hit ‘Start Event’ before you begin, and then listen up for some cheers! Learn more here.

PS Receive 20% off Nuun with discount code 'NRD2015'!

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