Thursday, January 21, 2016

buff sponsored bibchat q&a

You know I rarely miss #BibChat. I block out my schedule every Tuesday night 8pm until about 9:30. Sometimes, things come up... like you are forced {insert sarcasm} to go see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. The concert was amazing. How a man of that age has the energy of 21 year old is beyond me. I need his secrets! He played for 3 hours and 20 minutes non-stop. Fantastic.

Anyway, since I missed the chat, I figured I'd catch up on my answers in a blog post (so now I'm not limited to 140 characters - boom!). Buff was the sponsor and the topic was Braving the Elements. You can grab the Qs here.

Q1: Mentally, how do you prepare or psych yourself up for a run that’s going to be tough weather-wise?

A1: Having the right gear is key to feeling prepared for any type of weather. For winter, I find having the right layers are key. This particular winter, I've found some great new items: 2XU Hyoptik Thermal Tights have been great at keeping my legs warm. Definitely the best (and warmest) winter tights I own. Keeping the wind out of the ears is also important for me, which is where the Buff Thermal Hoodie has been amazing. I love that I can cover my nose and mouth, get the air warmed up a bit before breathing, and if it gets a little warm (I heat up pretty easily when running), I just take off the hoodie, but it still keeps my neck warm.

Q2: What's one pice of cold weather gear that's saved you over and over (for running or other activities)?

A2: My Buff Hoodie! I wear it everyday. For running, to go to/from the gym, on errands. Seriously, everything. It's been so dang cold here in Chicago, and that thing has been working perfectly!

Q3: What, er, body parts seem to suffer the most in extreme temps? Cold hands? Sunburned nose? Blistery wet feet?

A3: In the summer, I definitely burn. My long runs/races take me longer to finish than what sunscreen is good for (you know, apply every hour). I can't stop running to reapply (I'll miss cut off times lol), so my arms (and sometimes face, depending on where that sun is... I do wear sunglasses AND a visor to help with this) get a little burnt. I need to find some type of wipes or something that I can bring, but easily wash my hands afterwards (bc I rub my face/eyes a lot, and don't need my eyes to burn too! ha).

In the winter, I'm usually dealing with a chapped face from the harsh winds. That's where Buff has come in handy - the hoodie and the full version are great to protect your face against the winter weather.

Q4: What about warm weather gear - what's something that's saved you time and again on tough, steamy runs?

A4: I love Orange Mud hydration packs!! Having enough water and electrolytes on long/hot runs is something that can get tough - but OM makes some great products to help with that. I love all the pockets for storage, plus the double barrels or VP2 are perfect so you have enough of what you need. I've been known to use a loop, stop back at my car and refill with ice and water that have been in the cooler. I drink a TON when it's hot out.

Q5: Where do you draw the line - what's too hot/too cold for you to run? Is there a line??

A5: Usually - no line. Although, once it hits below 0, if it's a short run, I will run inside. Long runs I prefer to brave the cold so that I'm not so bored. Weather be damned. I think it's possible to run in just about any type of weather, just need the right gear on hand.

For the summer, I try to get out there early to avoid the highest temps, though on some of my longer runs (like for marathon training), since I'm slow, I get caught in anyway. I could manage running in 90 for 3 miles, but anything after that, I'll go inside (for safety!), or I will re arrange my schedule to do my long run on whatever day is nicer (if there is such a thing).

Q6: What was the worst weather conditions - of any kind - that you ever ran through? Share!

A6: Hmmm... well this winter I've run in some pretty hefty winds and cold weather, about 12 degrees. I will admit I much prefer the cold weather, so to me, that wasn't so bad since I dressed for it. 

The Rock N Roll half marathon the past two years have been pretty miserable - I think 70s and humid? They had to add misting machines, sponges, etc to help battle the heat. I suffer a lot in the heat, and so have to walk a lot so I don't pass out or get sick. 

Same for the Chicago Marathon (I think this was the worst for me, since it wasn't just getting through 13.1 miles, but 26.2). It was in the 80s by the time I got to mile 5ish, and by 13 I was dragging. There's not a whole lot of shade, and there were NO clouds in the sky, so being in the heat, humidity, AND sun made it almost unbearable for me. I honestly almost quit, but forced myself to keep moving forward. If they made me get off course because I wasn't meeting the requirements, fine, but I refused to stop on my own (stubborn much?). I did finish, though unofficially (over the time requirement), but there were tons of people still behind me, so I didn't feel too bad. I think the weather affected a lot of people that day.

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