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5k crate subscription box review

Disclaimer: I received one 5k crate to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

I love trying new things, so when the change to try a subscription box came up within the BibRave Ambassador Program, I decided to opt in. There's a lot of products out there, and can cost a lot of money to try them all out, and the choices are overwhelming. Getting a subscription box with handpicked items from 5k Crate can make that a little easier. Plus, it's not just the snacks, gels, or whatever. It's gear and accessories. Yes, please. October boxes start shipping on 10/16.

What is 5k Crate? Let's go into more details before I talk about what I got. 5k Crate is a curated quarterly box for runners of all levels. It costs $59.99 (free shipping within the US), and every 3 months you'll get a box filled with 4–6 handpicked items. The 5k Crate is about offering subscribers a premium subscription that provides the best apparel and accessories on the market today. They promise not to be another subscription box filled with just snacks and gels, but rather deliver to you a box filled with products that you will happily be able to use over and over again.

Each quarter you will receive quality apparel, gear, and accessories from well known brands like Nathan, HydraKlick, Mission, Nike, Zensah, Kunckle Lights, Nike and others that are sure to motivate you but more importantly, that you are sure to use over and over again. You choose men or women, then your shoe, top, and bottom sizes. 

When I opened my box, I noticed how nicely packed it was. There was a card (with a short handwritten note on it) that described the products inside and what the costs of each product was. So what came in my box (July–September box)?
  • Mission VaporActive Alpha Running Shirt (hot pink) $35.95
  • Mission VaporActive Cooling Towel (blue) $19.99
  • Spigen Wireless Bluetooth Headphones (black) $45.00
  • Zensah No-Show Compression Socks (white, grey, and bright pink) $19.99
  • Epic Full-Size Body Wipes (x2) $2.50 each
  • La Fresh Travel Sunscreen Samples (x3... except mine only had 2, but that's ok) $1.00 each

The box arrived the day before I left for Disneyland, so I packed the Zensah socks and the travel sunscreen samples since I knew I could get some use out of those on my trip. Let's go down the line and discuss a little about each product.

Mission VaporActive Alpha Running Shirt
I'm not gonna lie. I didn't love this shirt. While the VaporActive and the color were great, it just wasn't a great cut for me. I'm very picky about what I wear for running, because if there's any seams rubbing, that can be uncomfortable (and lead to chaffing). The shirt was just a snug on my muffin top, and I could tell it would bother me while running, so I didn't wear it for that. It's fine for walking or just to wear for errands/around the house (because I wear tech shirts all day if I can), but not great for me personally to run in. I think maybe if I went a size up on that one it would work... but you know how tricky sizing can be. For whatever reason, sizes are different and fit different depending on brand and style. 

Mission VaporActive Cooling Towel
This came in HANDY. It has been hot here in Chicago, and while training for the Chicago Marathon, some of these long runs have been brutal. Like, 90s and sunny. That is not my cup of tea at all. If you know me or follow me, you'll know that I prefer 30s over summer temps. I tossed this towel in my bag and would use it after my long runs. It helped to cool me down and feel more comfortable post-run. Just yesterday I ran at noon in the city when it was another hot day (95 and sunny, ick). I actually folded up the towel and put it in the pocket of my hydration pack. I only had to run 3 miles, but they were tough. At mile 2, I took out the towel, wet it at the water fountain on the lake front path, and wore it around my neck for the last mile. It's getting a lot of use and I would highly recommend it for anyone that overheats like I do in the summer. I say overheat like I do, because I get crazy hot running even in the 50s and 60s haha.

Spigen Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
So, I already have a pair of wireless bluetooth headphones I love for running. They are open ear so they are awesome for safety when outside. And they fit nicely. I have a really hard time getting most earbuds to stay in my ear, especially when running. So I'm not going to mess with what already works so well. Instead of wearing these for running, I decided to bring them to work. They're nice headphones, and it's nice not to be constantly dropping my phone because I turned and pulled the cord of wired headphones, landing my phone on the floor.  

Zensah No-Show Compression Socks
I'm a big fan of Zensah, and wear their compressions sleeves and socks a lot. I've never actually tried their low socks, though. Don't ask me why. I was excited to give these a try. They are thin and lightweight and come up to your ankles. They fit nicely and were very comfortable. I wore them for running and all day for work and for when I was Disneyland walking around in the parks all day. No blisters or problems. Very comfy.

Epic Full-Size Body Wipes
These body wipes are no joke. They say full-size and they mean it (dubbed the Massive Wet Wipe. Yep, it's massive alright). I tossed one in my bag for a post-race wipe down. Obviously in the heat of summer, we get sweatier than normal, and here's some real talk: I've been dealing with some body acne which I think has to do with being so sweaty, but not being able to shower for another hour because I have to drive home. Being able to wipe all the sweat off and clean the pores has helped reduce this body acne. I've never dealt with this before, so it was new to me and confusing, but I think I pinpointed the problem, and these wipes have helped to fix it. They work great and smelled nice. I'm not sure I always need such a large sized wipe, but I bet they'd be awesome for ultras, camping, and other travel. What's really great about these wipes is that they are made with bamboo, which is a wildly renewable resource, which makes the wipes 100% biodegradable. Score.

La Fresh Travel Sunscreen 
These travel packs came in handy for traveling. Much easier to put in your purse than a full container of sunscreen (and light-weight!). It was easy to apply, and you don't get all that sunscreen lotion all over your hands. I really liked having these, and might stock up. It certainly makes applying sunscreen more convenient, and we all know how important it is to sunscreen up! I know as an Irish, blonde-haired girl I need it bad. I burn very easily.

5k Crate was a pleasant surprise. You never really know what to expect from these things, and I was really happy with the selection of gear and accessories. I've found some new staples that'll get a lot of use (or something I know is worth buying more of). Give it a shot. You might find some of your new favorite products!

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