Monday, September 1, 2014

week in review: august 25–31

Dopey Challenge Training: Week 9

Monday, August 25: Cross train (60 minutes Bar Method)

Tuesday, August 26: 2.6 miles 

Wednesday, August 27: rest day

Thursday, August 28: Cross train (60 minutes Bar Method)

Friday, August 29: rest day

Saturday, August 30: 3.29 miles

Sunday, August 31: 13.4 miles (Chicago Women's Magnificent Mile Half Marathon)

Weekly mileage: 19.29 miles
Total mileage for Dopey Challenge Training: 138.87 miles

I was only able to go to Bar Method twice this week, but it was still pretty hard! I'm not sure why, but on Thursday, my arms were quite tired, even at the beginning of class. I'm still loving it, and even though I'm getting the hang of it, it doesn't get any easier, mainly because you can always challenge yourself by going deeper into the move, or raising your arms during certain exercises to work on balance or engage your abs even more. It's awesome!

Tuesday night I went to see Arcade Fire at the United Center with my friend from college. It was a great concert, and we had a lot of fun, just like back in the old days :)

Arcade Fire Reflektor Tour – Balloon Drop!

I was able to get my three training runs in this week, though it was a bit off. On the schedule were two runs of 45 minutes during the week and 3 miles on the weekend. I cut my run on Tuesday short by 10 minutes, and then I registered for the Chicago Women's Magnificent Mile Half Marathon for Sunday (I didn't decide to register until Wednesday. I had been thinking about it for a while, but didn't make my final decision until fairly last minute.). The race was hot and sunny, so a bit tough for me, but I still beat all of my half marathon times from last year, so I always am happy with that result. Hopefully, each year will be like that :) The race was well organized and I was happy that I decided to register. I will have more details in my race recap, as well as writing up a review on

I met my @Oiselle #Flystyle Thirteen Point One twin at the expo Friday night :)

After the race, I went over to my friends house to have a pool day and re-hydrate session with beer (don't worry – I also drank plenty of Nuun that day). It felt so great to be in the pool, not only because it was so dang hot out, but it also felt great on my tired, slightly sore muscles (hips, legs, knees... pretty much everything haha).

Overall, the week in training went well. I'm feeling stronger thanks to Bar Method, and I think it's helping me become a better runner. Yay! Now on to a new training week (is it really week 10 of Dopey Challenge training?!) and another half marathon on Sunday. I should be able to manage all three training days plus three days of cross training.... that's the plan, anyway :)

How was your week? Did you race this weekend, and if so, how did it go? Would love to hear about your week in general, in training – whatever! 

P.S. If you did race, it would be great if you would review it on – help out your fellow runner! It's a great place to find information regarding races, which can help others find a new race, or decide if one they're considering is worthwhile. Thanks :)

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