Monday, February 16, 2015

princess half marathon weekend: preparation, part 2

Ahhh! Can you believe Princess Half Marathon Weekend is THIS weekend?! As you prepare for your trip, I thought it might be helpful to provide a check list for items to pack for your run-cation. The weather for the 5k is looking like it might be a bit chilly (at least while standing around waiting to begin... and depending on how you are, the 10k and half might also be cold for you), so think about packing some layers, throw away clothes, or wearing a jacket that you can put in your gEAR check bag. I'm doing the 5k and the Glass Slipper Challenge, so I need to pack enough clothes and gear for 3 races.

Race Gear
• shorts, capris, and or leggings (whatever your preference for the weather) - I myself will be packing 1 pair of leggings, 2 capris and 2 shorts (in case of weather changes)
• tech shirts - both long sleeve and short sleeve for layering purposes
• sports bra x3
• Feetures socks x3
• winter running hat & gloves (I have a Brooks hat and Saucony gloves I like)
• arm warmers
• sunglasses
• 2 pairs of running shoes
• KT Tape Pro
• road ID bracelet
• Garmin + charger
• Fitbit + charger
• Sparkly Soul headbands
• Sparkle Athletic skirts
• Oiselle rundies x3
• bandaids
• BodyGlide
• bobbypins
• extra hair ties
• visor
• extra contacts
• RunGoo
• Zensah Compression Sleeves
• Nuun + water bottle (for hydrating throughout the day)
• Fuel Belt
• inhaler
• Yurbuds
• kleenex
• chapstick
• Tylenol
• ENERGYbits
• Deodorant
• Bib Number belt or Race Dots
• Handheld hydration or a hydration pack (runDisney provides plenty of water and Powerade at the races, but some runners like to carry their own – maybe they prefer different hydration drink like Nuun or MESTRENGTH, or just want to be able to drink whenever they want)
• external battery charger – I don't know about you, but my phone dies very quickly these days, so definitely need a charger for at least the half marathon
• Throw away gear, mylar blanket, garbage bag – whatever you want to bring to keep you warm before the race (I'll probably just wear a jacket and tie it around my waist once I warm up)
• Hand sanitizer
• Fuel – I use Clif Shot Bloks, so I'll bring 2 packs (one for the 10k and another for the half... most people don't need them for the 10k, but I can't eat breakfast, so in combination with ENERGYbits and the shot bloks, it helps me stay energized)

Anything you need that I don't have on my list? I'm in the camp of wanting to bring everything so I am prepared for whatever comes my way. Others are more minimalist – which are you?


  1. Great list. We also did a check list today for princess wkend. Great minds think alike:) I am disappointed that it's going to be much cooler than usual. I go to Florida to get out of this miserable weather. -L

    1. Awesome - love your list as well! Right - looking a lot like a repeat of January weather, which for waiting around wasn't my favorite (though if I were to just go running it was fine).

  2. That's quite the list. I'm like you. Take everything...just in case. So jealous! Enjoy every step.


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