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mobot review

Disclaimer: I received a Mobot to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!

When asked if I was interested in trying out a product that was both a foam roller AND a water bottle in one, I of course said yes. Objects that have multipurpose have always intrigued me. What is this foam roller and water bottle in one, you ask? It’s the Mobot! It is the first foam roller water bottle. It is currently on INDIEGOGO at the moment – it’s currently 33% funded with 13 days left. There are different levels of perks to choose from. You can go here to get more in depth information. Thanks to both BibRave and Mobot for the opportunity to try this bad boy out!

We all know recovery is an extremely important part of running. It's what can keep our bodies healthy and free from injury. I love rolling out my muscles after a long run, and honestly, every night before bed whether I ran or not. It's important to drink plenty of water prior to rolling, it keeps your tissues hydrated and pliable during rolling for increased benefits and recovery.

When I first received my Mobot, I was excited at the color - it was Juicybot, so it's came pattern with pink, yellow, orange, and green. I don't think I could ever lose it, since it stands out so much.

There are plenty of things to love about Mobot:
• It’s a water bottle! I love pretty much all water bottles. I’m not great at hydrating, so it’s quite the reminder sitting on my desk to DRINK MORE WATER.
• There’s a wide lip to drink from. If you prefer, you can drink from the sipper that is attached to a straw.
• You can toss a carabiner onto it and then clip the Mobot to your bag.
• Less plastic – it helps save the planet from more water bottles being used.
• BPA Free, made with recycled 18/8 FDA approved stainless steel. 
• Very lightweight (it looks like it would be heavy, but it’s not).
• Fun color options:  Adams Ale (black), Blue Steel, Juicybot, Purple Reign, Special Ops, and The Boss
• Different sizes/capacities: 40 oz, 27 oz, and 18 oz (or Big Bertha, Grace, and Firecracker)
• Comes with 2 tops.
• Rounded edges for easy cleaning.
• Each Mobot is individually crafted in a process that takes several days.
• It’s a foam roller, and quite portable at that, so you can stay hydrated on the go, as well as keeping those muscles relaxed and knots rubbed out wherever you go.
• If the lid is on tight and the sipper is put down, it's no spill (obviously if it's open it spills, but that's like saying don't use your blowdryer in the shower.).

Things I’m not a fan of:
• The area to be used for foam rolling is a bit small, if you’re doing the kind of leg exercises where you need to balance on it. I’ve never been good at that sort of balancing act. 
• It can’t be put in a dishwasher. I’m a big fan of using dishwashers for items that get a lot of use. Maybe not every time, but at least once a week to really get a deep clean. I get why it’s not dishwasher safe, but I always wonder if I’m getting it clean enough.
• It does come with washing instructions, however, they are a bit more extensive than I’m used to. It includes a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water + a couple tablespoons of baking soda and a bottle brush. I’m a busy person, and I have to be honest, I’m not the kind of person that wants to put that much effort into washing a bottle everyday. 
• It isn’t fully insulated, which means the water in there isn’t going to stay cold for as long as one might like (I really like the insulated growlers, or bottles, whatever you might call it, as the water can stay ice cold for hours).

I think it’s a cool concept, but unfortunately, if I'm being completely honest, I don’t think I’m the right consumer. I’ve never been good at figuring out the right way to roll with the foam rollers, as hard as I’ve tried to follow videos, I'm personally more a fan of another kind of roller (not foam), that just seems to work better for me... or maybe I should say it's easier for me to use? I think the idea of staying hydrated while rolling, and how that affects the body and mood is a great way to go about creating a product. From what I’ve read in other reviews, people that are foam rollers love the quality of the foam and find it extremely convenient for travel (runcation anyone? Though probably better for car travel over air travel... how would you pack it without losing a lot of luggage space? Great for the car – stay hydrated, and then roll out sore muscles during breaks!) and for rolling out at the gym immediately post-workout.

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