Tuesday, July 21, 2015

chicago marathon training: week 2

Monday, July 13: Burgers and Beer 5k
Tuesday, July 14: 2 miles at CP
Wednesday, July 15: Rest/Stretch Day
Thursday, July 16: 2 miles at CP
Friday, July 16: Rest/Stretch Day
Saturday, July 17: Rock 'N Roll 5k (3.1 miles at CP)
Sunday, July 18: Rock 'N Roll Half Marathon (13.1 miles)

My schedule got a little bit off this week. I was a dope and forgot to mention my Monday race to my Sweat Tracker coach, and so really my week was supposed to be: 2 miles CP Tuesday–Thursday + 11 miles on Saturday. She ended up having a bit of an emergency, so when she got back to me about skipping Thursday, I had already skipped Wednesday because I wasn't feeling great and figured I would do my 2 miles Thursday. Plus, I was running 5 days this week, rather than the 4 I usually do.

Anyway, I had a great time at the Burgers and Beer 5k, of which I'll have a recap up this week. The weather was extremely warm and humid, but at least I had my Buff to help keep the sweat out of my eyes. Universal Sole organizes a really great race and post-race party. I ran with my mom, who has a minor injury, so we did 30 minute run / 1 minute walk intervals.

My 2 miles on Tuesday and Thursday were fine. I ran 1 minute walk 1 minute run intervals. That seems to be going well for me on my shorter runs. My pace has been getting better, so I'm happy about that. Now I just need to carry that over to my longer runs. Let me just say, I am not a fan of the heat or humidity – it generally leaves me feeling nauseous and fainty, so I have to dial it down bit. 

The race on Saturday was a lot of fun. Pre-race, I got to hang out with my pal Jordan (who also came back to the race course to say hi to my mom and I before leaving – he's so nice!). The race itself was quite warm, but thankfully there was a bit of a breeze. Afterwards, I got to meet Meb, which was SO cool. I'll have more in my recap next week.

Sunday was a whole other story. The weather was MISERABLE! Originally there was rain in the forecast, which I welcomed (not lightning, mind you, since that would cancel the race, but rain would feel great with the heat). Unfortunately, no rain, and not enough clouds. It was hot hot hot. Again, I stayed with my mom (not that I would have been able to get ahead of her, if we're being honest). I was pretty much beat down at mile 3… the heat really ruined me. However, I still had fun with it, and still managed to finish, which is always my number 1 goal :)

Week 3 of training will bring another 3-day 2 mile run at CP Tuesday–Thursday, and then I'll be doing my long run on Sunday, which will be 12 miles. Hopefully the heat won't be so bad, but if it is, it'll give me some more practice of dealing with the heat while running. We haven't had a ton of HOT days yet this summer, so I haven't acclimated to it. I do want to continue running in the heat, so that if Chicago Marathon day comes and it's 80 degrees, I'll be used to coping with that kind of weather. I'm really hoping for last year's weather, though… but we never know what mid-October in Chicago will bring.

How was your week in training? Any races this weekend? Congrats, if yes! Now head over to BibRave.com to write a review and help your fellow running friends out :) 

Have a great week everyone!

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