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hello, sunshine! xx2i optics usa1 sunglasses review

Disclaimer: I received an a pair of XX2i USA1 sunglasses to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!

I wear sunglasses all the time. Even when it's cloudy. I have very sensitive eyes, and without sunglasses, I end up with a headache (and honestly, some premature wrinkles!) from squinting. I also almost always wear a hat or visor. Double the protection, that's how I roll.

It can be really hard to find a good pair of running sunglasses. Factors like they slide off the face, wrong fit (I have a smaller face, it seems... I also wear prescription glasses, which can be tough to find a right fit too), fogging, easily scratched, uncomfortable fit (often times the arms dig into the side of the face), sliding off the face when you start getting sweaty, or unclear vision through the lenses. (According to the XX2i website, the USA1 are for smaller faces, and the France1 and France2 will fit medium/large faces.) 

When I received the XX2i USA1 sunglasses and opened the box, I saw that I received the white gloss and blue flash lens pair (they are a polar grey/blue mirror). Definitely my kind of style.

Here's a list of things that were inside:

• Hard protector case (which has slots for multiple lenses; keep everything together!)
• Microfiber soft carrying case (which also doubles as a cleaning cloth)
• 2 pairs of nose pads and tips, red and blue, along with some screws and screwdriver
• strap to attach to the ends or the arms to keep on your face/neck

I've been loving the XX2i USA1. I've worn them through tons of cold, winter, windy days and haven't had much issues at all with them fogging up. Every now and again, I might do a strong blow out of air and it might come back at me and they fog for an instant, but thanks to some cool anti-fog design, they clear up just as quickly. Now, of course if you are wearing hood, or covering up the part that helps keep air flowing through the glasses so they don't fog, of course they'll fog up. You've got to make sure to keep the vents on the side clear of other fabrics, or they will fog because they aren't getting the airflow needed.

Laying out my gear for a long run.

I'm a very sweaty runner, so having a pair of sunglasses that don't slide down my face because of this is important. The XX2i didn't slip at all. I didn't have to fiddle with them mid-run ever – they stayed comfortably put. Also, there was no bouncing, I often forgot I was even wearing them, they were so light and comfy with no fuss.

Cold to start, so wearing my USA1 over my hat.
When I heated up, took off my hat and wore the glasses normally.

I've worn them for both running and driving. I've worn them on super sunny days, cloudy days, cold days, mild days – worked well on all occasions. I found on days that it's cloudy but there's snow, they help keep the headaches away (you know that glare off the snow which makes you squint).

We know everyone's faces come in different sizes, luckily, the USA1 have an adjustable nose piece so you can fit them to your face just right. I was also able to comfortably wear my Plantronics BackBeat FIT (they go over the ear) with the USA1. I can't say that about all sunglasses – some just don't sit well with over-the-ear headphones. 

Wearing Plantronics BackBeat FIT & USA1... and a hat!
But really, anytime I'm out running, I have earbuds and sunglasses on.

I have to be honest and say I haven't attempted to switch the nosepad or tips – I love the black, so haven't felt a need or inclination to change them. If you need help with change lenses or the nose pads/temple tips, go here.

If you don't wear contacts and prefer glasses, no worries! You can get prescription lenses. The USA1 are also made with glare-cutting technology (I can attest to this), 4K ultra high definition optics, and a lifetime guarantee.

Driving home from the gym {photo taken before driving, of course)

The USA1 come in a variety of frame and lenses types. I love the looks of the USA1 Crystal Green Flash Lenses and green tips – they look super cool. Other frame options are black gloss, tortoise gloss, black onyx, and matte gloss. There are also a bunch of lense options:black flash, blue flash, brown, racing green flash, racing orange, racing yellow, transparent, grey, polar brown blue flash, polar grey blue flash, polar brown sky blue flash, polar grey sky blue flash, polar brown blue flash reader +1.5, polar brown blue flash reader +2.0, polar brown blue flash reader +2.5, polar grey blue flash reader +1.5, polar grey blue flash reader +2.0, and polar grey blue flash reader +2.5.

No fogging! Quick 3ish miler.

XX2i always offers free shipping, and they have a 365 day return policy. They also offer a lifetime product warranty – no questions asked lifetime replacement warranty comes with each XX2i Sunglass.

Long run in 15 degree weather. USA1 held up well.
Yeah, I wear my Buff Thermal Hoodie and pink jacket a lot...

I enjoyed reading this paragraph on the 'About XX2i' page:

We support people that make a difference every day. People who are committed to a healthy, athletic lifestyle and being good citizens. People who appreciate quality, innovation and no BS marketing. We are committed to producing the best possible eyewear for outdoor enthusiasts and stand behind each product we produce with integrity and pride to insure your completely satisfied no matter what.

That's the type of company I like to support. They stand behind their product.

The USA1 White Gloss Blue Flash Lens are $59.99 a pair, or if you get a pair with two spare lenses, it's $99.99 – and well worth the cost. The France1 look pretty sweet, too. Want to spend less on these quality glasses? You're in luck – BibRave and XX2i are offering you a 50% discount on any XX2i product with code XX2iRocks. You're welcome! Use it quickly, though, as it will be expiring soon.

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