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ampla fly review

Disclaimer: I received an pair of AMPLA FLY to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

You all know I love to test out products. Shoes are no different, but I'm especially intrigued by shoes that have a design based on a ton of research. The AMPLA FLY was designed and engineered by a world-renowned sports scientist and athletic industry innovator, Dr. Marcus Elliott. He utilized advanced technologies to capture more than 30,000 hours of athlete data over the last eight years. The AMPLA FLY is the first product from AMPLA Sport.

The AMPLA FLY is a running tool that empowers the efficient use of force. It encourages better mechanics, which provides a platform to help you run faster, run farther, and become the beautifully elastic athlete you were designed to be.

1. Speed - puts the foot in an active 'ready-to-spring' power position.
2. Ortholite - lightweight, odor resistant, and fully molded for comfort.
3. Eva - thin layer of springy comfort close to the foot.
4. Ampla Eva Lite - feather-like resilient cushioning.
5. Forcepower - 100% carbon fiber plate promotes optimized mechanics. The FORECEPOWER plate technology guides the foot to a better ground contact position, gathers force at mid-stance, and maximized for application at big toe push off.
6. Ampla eva power - light and resilient foam provides a smooth ride.
7. Solid and blown rubber - durable and lightweight traction and durability.

The AMPLA FLY can be worn as an everyday shoe if you wish. Just like all new shoes, you want to begin working them into your already existing shoe routine. Start off with shorter runs or speed work and temp days, switching back into your other shoes for longer runs.

The AMPLA FLY come in both black and red for men and women.

For mid- and forefoot strikers the transition from a training and speed work shoe to a marathon shoe will likely be easier. The AMPLA FLY is totally new technology, so you want to give your body time to adjust and not get too judgy too soon.

As I'm in the midst of marathon training, and generally don't have many short runs, which is when I tend to wear new shoes to break them in/get used to them, I would wear them for the last 1–3 miles of my medium runs (so if I had 8, I started off with switching shoes for the last mile, then the last 2, until I felt comfortable in them). I wore them for Rock the Night 5k, and they worked out great.

I thought that I would initially have trouble adjusting and that I would definitely fall in them (or at least trip once or twice), but never had any issues. They felt almost normal when I ran in them, though there was that extra spring in my step, so to speak. They didn't feel heavy or clunky, but I wouldn't say they are as lightweight as some of my other shoes.

I did notice that my form was improving and it helped my speed. I'm not at the level of speed work just yet, so I can't speak to that, but I know a lot of the other Pros loved them on the track, so if you're at the level, I'd suggest you read their reviews or hit them up with any questions.

Rock the Night 5k.

Rock the Night 5k.

My only real concern with the AMPLA FLY ended up being with my Plantar Fasciitis. When my weekly mileage gets a bump (as it has been these past few months with marathon training), my PF often flares up. It hadn't been too awful pain wise, just a bit uncomfortable, but I did notice it being more bothersome than usual once I got to about 3 miles wearing the shoes. So this led me to wear them only for the shorter runs. I know others have been able to wear them for 8 miles+, but it bothered my PF too much. I think that maybe due to the carbon plate was why the PF hurt a little more than usual, but I'm not a scientist or shoe expert, so can't say for sure. I did request a little more information regarding that, and when I get it I'll update this post :) I have heard from some other smart folks that it can be due to tight calves, so I've been trying to make sure to get my stretches and rolling done every day. Oh, and they are not made for trails, so don't wear them for that purpose.

Finishing Rock the Night 5k. Photo cred: Frank

Honestly, I'd say that the AMPLA FLY aren't going to work for all runners (isn't that what all shoes are like, though?). I definitely think if you are looking to improve your speed or form, that giving these shoes a shot is totally worth it. I'll continue to wear them for short runs, and maybe one day I'll be good enough to do speed work, in which case I'd definitely give them a try for that, as the Pros have raved about it. I know they are working on other models, too, so maybe those would work better for me and the type of runner I am. If you have more questions, they have a FAQ on their website – check it out. They retail at $120 and there is always free shipping. I got my normal running shoe size and felt they were true to size.

AMPLA FLY will be sponsoring #BibChat on Tuesday, September 20 at 8pm CT. Join in on the fun, answer some questions, chat with like-minded folks, and maybe win a prize! 

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