Monday, October 31, 2016

spring marathon training: week 1

Monday, October 24: Rest/Stretch & Roll
Tuesday, October 25: 6 miles (50/30) --> Wednesday
Wednesday, October 26: Rest/Stretch & Roll
Thursday, October 27: Medium Run: 6 miles (50/30) --> Friday
Friday, October 28: Rest/Stretch & Roll
Saturday, October 29: Medium Run: 8 miles (50/30) --> 15k on Sunday
Sunday, October 30: Short Run: 4 miles (55/30) --> Saturday

Total Miles for Spring Marathon Training: 25.9 miles

While I haven't figured out what my spring marathon will be (I have a few on my radar that I'm deciding between), I didn't want to lose the work and base mileage I had from Chicago Marathon and wanted to jump back in. I took about a week off post-marathon to help my body recover, but then I was ready to get back into the game.

My schedule was a bit off from what coach sent over, but generally I got it done.

I moved Tuesday to Wednesday, hit up the treadmill at the gym (heavy rains), and did my 6 miles in 1:19:38 with an average pace of 13:16 using 50/30 intervals.

Then I moved Thursday to Friday. I had to go to the gym again, and did 6 miles in 1:19:22 with an average pace of 13:13 using 50/30 intervals. 

Saturday was another treadmill night. I got there with less than an hour until the gym closed, so really had to bust my ass to get my 4 miles in (I was pushing the '8' to Sunday because I was running the Hot Chocolate 15k). I was trying 50/30 intervals, but for the last mile I ran almost the whole thing. I made it in 50:18 with an average pace of 12:34. I had heard the gym announcements about closing in 5 minutes and really pushed myself. I didn't want to end with 3.9 or anything. I needed that 4 haha. I thought others were still up there with me, but when I finished and went to the locker, I saw it was the cleaning crew. Oops. The last gym worker was there and I apologized profusely as I tried to hurry out, but he was really kind and told me to take my time (I didn't, but nice of him to say). 

Sunday was Hot Chocolate 15k. It was my first race of that distant, so instant PR! Boom. I was up a lot of the night coughing for some strange reason, so wasn't sure how the race would go. It was a cooler, slightly rainy day, but great for running in my opinion. You can read my recap here. Garmin said 9.89 miles in 2:06:57 with an average pace of 12:50. Obviously Garmin was off a by about .5 miles as 15k = 9.32 miles, but that happens when running in the city.

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  1. I know a few people too that wanted to get right into another marathon since they've already been training for one. Good luck!


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