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peace of mind: wrist id elite review

Disclaimer: I received the Road ID Wrist ID Elite to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

All the bright colors! Clearly I enjoy neon orange and lime,

No one likes to think about bad things happening when we are out running, but the reality is, there's a lot that can go wrong. We won't go into the depressing details (and how unfortunate and frequent they are), but we all need to do as much as we possibly can to stay safe on our runs. And for those time where we can't speak for ourselves in a medical emergency, your Road ID can speak for you. 

The top left and bottom left photos show the inner clasp closed and opened.

I've loved Road ID for quite some time now. I honestly don't remember how I first came across their products, but I purchased pretty much immediately. They have a variety of different IDs, including shoes, slim bands, neck, etc. I was able to order/customize the Wrist ID Elite.

I went with the Black edition badge (other options are classic or rugged) and the  lime badge. I love bright colors, and thought that black would look cool on neon (which I still think now that I've gotten it). The band color was tough - lots of fun choices including: black, grey, blue, lime, red, and purple. The Black Collection colors: black grey, black blue, black lime (almost went with this one), black red, or black purple. Or Leather: black or brown.

And then you can choose some badges to add on to your band. I bought the 26.2 and 'Shut Up Legs' black badges to match my black name badge (note, I paid for my badges on my own). They have a ton of options for badges including black editions, distances, sports, etc. You can also customize a badge (limited to 15 characters). You can order other band colors for $4.99, an elite clasp for $8.99 (if you don't want to swap the clasp you already have), or the elite clasp black for $13.99. There are 100 badge images available for $4.99, or you can do your custom for $5.99 (regular or black edition).

Always part of my race gear! In addition to filling out the back of my bib,
I also write on there 'see Road ID on left wrist'.

Once you have your strap and badge options chosen, you fill out the information you want on your band. For the Wrist ID Elite, you have 6 lines available. Typically, you'd put your first and last name on the top row (perhaps adding your birth year as well since it's helpful to first responders to know your age), second line can be your city, state, country, and then you can have four emergency contacts, or maybe you only want two or there, in which case you can add some of your favorite short quotes or inspirational lines (never give up), and add any medical information (such as asthma, allergic to bees, or whatever).

OR you have another option. Go with an interactive ID (which I did), and you have 4 lines to personalize and then the last two lines are for 24/7/265 emergency response support info (FOR ID INFORMATION and then there's a phone number and website. On the back of your ID is your serial number.). Included is a 6 month membership, and during the customization period, you can extend your membership to a year for $9.99, 2 additional years for $18.49, 5 additional years for $44.99, or 10 additional years for $87.49.

Featured in my post-race Chi Town Half Marathon photo.

Use the checkbox towards the end for free text proofing (recommended). I always like someone else to proof read, so I checked that. When you receive your interactive ID in the mail, you'll want to go to the website on the packaging to set up your profile – you can fill out everything or just some, but it includes Doctor information, emergency contacts, health information, insurance information, as so much more. It's nice to know that if I'm at the hospital and can't speak for myself, they can get all the information they need just off using my ID and either calling the Road ID response team or going to the website to get everything needed. 

Arm candy on point.

Once your Road ID Wrist ID Elite arrives, you'll need to cut the band to fit your wrist (and specifically, where on your wrist you'll be wearing it). I left mine much larger than my actual wrist, because I'd be wearing it on the inside of my watch, and therefore a larger part of my arm. I measured it out twice, checking which number I should cut at each time (and maybe even a third time), and then made the cut. Having the numbers on the back, along with slits, made it easy. If you are unsure, start out a little big, and then cut one at a time until you are at your desired size. Measure twice, cut once!

Once it is to your desired size, put all of your badges on, then you'll slide the end that isn't connected to the clasp into the clasp. Line it up so that you bend down the clip into a slit so it's secure. Boom. All done. It may seem more complicated than it really is. They have a video you can watch too, if you are confused. 

There are those bright colors again.

I seriously recommend that EVERYONE have a Road ID. Cyclists, runners, walkers, hikers... anyone that spends time outside. I even wore mine for Lollapalooza in case something were to happen. One year I was having a sinus infection (before I knew what all the symptoms were for me), and I felt lightheaded and dizzy, and so knowing that was on me if I needed medical attention made me feel better. It calms the anxiety a little bit. They aren't that expensive, and if you read any of the stories on their website, can see that the small price tag can save lives. So just do it. 

If you need more incentive (but seriously, do you?!) - here's a $5 gift card to use on your next purchase. You'll fill out the quick form, receive your code in an email, and it is valid for 2 weeks. Enjoy the options! 

PS They just came out with badges for Garmin watches! I might be investing in one for my Fenix 3 ;) Also, can we just say, how beautiful the rose gold badge is for the Slim2? It also has some cute limited edition color bands. I need them all haha. A girl needs to accessorize, right?

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