Wednesday, April 30, 2014

the weekly chase #4

Road Runner Girl

Weekly goals for April 21–27; recap:

Goal #1 - Drink 6 cups of water a day (yeah, I'm repeating this one)

This went pretty well, except for the weekend... I always have trouble on the weekends for some reason. I really need to figure out a way to up the water intake on Saturday and Sunday. I'm much better at drinking water at work while I have my water bottle sitting in front of me on my desk, which I sit at all day long. Any tips for the weekend?

Goal #2 - Update my race spreadsheet. I've been a bit disorganized with all of my race results and would like to get them all onto one spreadsheet with the same information included for all of them. I have different files, and they all have different info – it's annoying.

I've gotten about half way through this task. 

Goal #3 - Run 4x

I pretty much sucked with this one this week. I only ran once (?!?!). Oops. Quite the slacker this week. I really have to get better about sticking with my goals! Tsk tsk. This week (and month, to be honest) have been jam packed, and I was really bad at sticking with a good running schedule. May will be a new month, and a better planned out schedule.

Weekly goals for April 28–May 4

Goal #1 - Finish updating my race spreadsheet.

Goal #2 - I REALLY want to get a PR in my half marathon on Sunday. My nerves always seem to get in my way, and I end up walking more than I'd like. I really want to stick to my run/walk intervals, which has gone well for my races this year, and (hoping) for at least a 14:30 pace. My fastest half so far is a 3:18:52 (slow, I know, I know), so really, I'll be happy with anything under that. Goal A is 3:05, Goal B is 3:10 and Goal C is 3:15. Fingers crossed for good running weather (read: cloudy, low 50s), and a good body/breathing feeling kind of day.

Goal #3 - Catch up on my blog reading. I have about 600 posts in my Bloglovin feed... I'd really like to get that number WAY down. It makes it hard when everyone is so consistent with their posts, and more and more just keep getting added ;) I'm gonna try really hard to get that to 300 (or lower?!) by next Monday, and then I'll have to be better at keeping up with it. Some of you may notice that I comment on a post a week or two after it's been posted. That's because I'm so far behind! Sorry, ya'll.

Thanks to Mindy over at Road Runner Girl for hosting this week's Weekly Chase :) Have a great week, everyone!


  1. I'll be crossing my fingers for a PR for you this weekend!

  2. Hope you have crushed those goals this week! And hoping you ran a PR today!!! :-)

    1. Thanks, Mindy! The week went well, and I grabbed that PR like I wanted :) Hooray!


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