Sunday, November 16, 2014

#bibchat november 11 – questions and answers

On Tuesday night's I participate in #BibChat Hosted by @BibRave. I missed my first one in quite some time this past week, and it made me very sad and anxious... especially when I saw the questions that were asked – a bit controversial for some, but I think they're pretty fun. So, I figured that I would give some answers longer than 140 characters via the blog. You can find the full list of questions here, and can search #bibchat to read more of the conversations.

Q1: Are 13.1, 26.2, or any race distance stickers legit or obnoxious? Why? #BibChat
Totally legit! I actually have a 13.1 magnet on my own car. It's not about bragging about running that distance, but I think it's a fun way to identify other runners. I get excited when I see other cars with distance stickers, or anything that says 'I'm a runner' – like Ragnar or Half Fanatic logos. I'm generally going to be nicer to that car merging than any car that doesn't have one ;) I imagine some people may be annoyed with the distance/runner stickers like others are about the family stick figure stickers, but it's your car, do with it what you will, I say (though I would say magnets are better than stickers, since they come off).

Q2: Running in place when stopped at a stop light. Do you do it? Do you judge others who do? #BibChat
No, I don't do it. I just use that 30 seconds to catch my breath, rest, change playlists, etc. I don't judge others for doing it... everyone has their own way of making things work for them, and if they think running in place at a stop light helps them, then go for it.

Q3: Should headphones be allowed during races? Why or why not? #BibChat
I think headphones are fine for races, especially if you aren't an elite or racing for prizes. I say yes to headphones because I use them... I would hate to have to race without my music! I should add that I think the music should be at a noise level that you can still be aware of your surroundings and any race announcements being made, or of cyclists coming your way.

Q4: Do you stretch before a run? Why or why not? #BibChat
I do some dynamic stretches to get my heart rate up, but nothing static until after I'm done running. I think that doing stretching before the run is more likely to leave you injured. I like to do about 3 minutes of walking before I run to get the blood flowing and start out running slow before I get up to speed.

Q5: “You run SO much, aren’t you worried about your knees?” (We’ve all heard this one) #BibChat
Ugh - so tired of hearing that! No, I'm not worried about my knees. I know I already messed those up from my years of dancing, along with my hips and ankles. I also hate hearing 'running marathons isn't healthy and it's bad for your heart'. I'm pretty sure it's healthier than sitting on my butt eating junk food in front of the tv, am I right? ;)

Q6: Waving at strangers while running - encouraged or creepy? Why? #BibChat
Encouraged! If we are talking about waving at other running strangers, that is. I've found the running community to be so friendly, that a quick wave, nod, or hello is almost always reciprocated. If not, no sweat off my back... I either think the runner is in the zone or didn't see/hear me.

Hope you enjoyed my longer version of #bibchat for this past week ;)

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