Monday, December 8, 2014

week in review: december 1–7

Dopey Challenge Training: Week 23

Monday, December 1rest day

Tuesday, December 2: unscheduled rest day

Wednesday, December 3: 30 minute walk

Thursday, December 4unscheduled rest day

Friday, December 5rest day 

Saturday, December 6Santa Hustle 5k

Sunday, December 7rest day

Weekly mileage: 3.1
Total mileage for Dopey Challenge Training: 357.93 miles

After my long run the previous weekend, my ankle was still sore up until Friday, hence the lack of running during the week. While I know it's important to squeeze in the maintenance runs, I also know it's best to listen to my body. I knew if I kept running on an injured ankle, it would just lead to an even bigger injury that could lead to no running for a while, so I thought it best to do lots of resting, elevating, icing, and stretching.

I didn't do too much during the week. My husband worked a lot and I did a lot of house cleaning. Wednesday night I met a friend at Monk's for dinner and drinks. We split a 22oz gingerbread flavored cider – it was really good, but by the end I was a bit tired of the taste and the sweetness.

My new kicks! Source

Thursday night I went to Fleet Feet Old Town to pick up my Santa Hustle packet as well as FINALLY get a new pair of running shoes. I went with Nike Lunarglide again, though they are the new style (6), and I went up half a size. I'm not sure if this style was smaller, but I felt my regular size was a touch small. I went with the white/pink/blue pair I had been contemplating. I was hoping to get the mostly hot pink pair, and thought about purple, but they didn't have them in my size. The only other option was a black pair, which I generally don't like for running shoes. I'm convinced the black absorbs the sun/heat and makes me feet hot haha. I really like the white, but I know they'll be getting dirty after their first run. Oh well.

Every day I'm (Santa) Hustlin'.

Saturday morning my mom and I headed into the city for the Santa Hustle. It was a lot of fun, and the weather was actually pretty perfect for a winter run (cloudy, not too windy, in the 30s). Also, my ankle didn't bother me at all, so I was quite happy about that. I had KT Tape Pro (Chevron pattern – I love it!) on both my right ankle and my left knee, which helped me get through the week and the race without much pain. That stuff is amazing.

I'll have more in a recap eventually, and you'll be able to read my review on later this week. After the race I had planned on doing a lot of cleaning and organizing the office, but I ended up on the couch binge watching Gilmore Girls... and I fell asleep for about an hour or so. Oops.

Sunday was more house cleaning, laundry, a trip to Target, and I spent some time with my nephew. No spoilers here, but did you watch Revenge last night?! I can't believe how it ended.

This week is another tame week as far as training goes (thankfully, two weeks of easier runs in between the really long run weekends) – two maintenance runs during the week and then a 7 mile run over the weekend. 

I was sad about the Santa Hustle being my final race of the year, with another three weeks of December still ahead, so registered for the Rudolph Ramble 8k with my mom. I always enjoy Fleet Feet events, and the hat you receive is really cute, don't you think?

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How was your week/end? Did training go well?

P.S. Make sure to review your race(s) on, and join us for #BibChat tomorrow night at 8pm CT.


  1. Congratulations on your santa hustle. I love holiday themed races. Unfortunately I am not doing any this year. I used to love Nikes but recently switched to Asics. Cute beanies! -L

    1. Thanks, it was a lot of fun! I love holiday themed races, too :) How are the Asics treating you?


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