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week in review: november 24–30

Dopey Challenge Training: Week 22

Monday, November 24rest day

Tuesday, November 25: unscheduled rest day

Wednesday, November 26: 40 minute walk

Thursday, November 27: 4.07 miles (RFK 4 mile Turkey Trot)

Friday, November 283.17 miles 

Saturday, November 29: 10.01 miles (Grant Park Turkey Trot & Ugly Sweater Run)

Sunday, November 3023 miles

Weekly mileage: 40.25
Total mileage for Dopey Challenge Training: 354.83 miles

Whooooeeee. That was a tough weekend. Tuesday should have been a 30 minute run, but my arches were in a lot of pain, so I took it easy in preparation for my first Dopey Simulation (four consecutive days of running, though the mileage wasn't quite what the actual races are) over the weekend. 

Wednesday I walked from work to the train station to try and catch an earlier train than usual so I could make it for packet pickup for the Turkey Trot on Thursday. Unfortunately, I had on winter boots that aren't great for quick walking, and ended up with blisters on my big toes that came back to haunt me the rest of the week/end. Boo. We hit up our local watering hole for a Black Wednesday drink, then went to bed early. I remember the days where I would be out all night with my friends, and now I'm more concerned with getting home early so I'll be well rested for my race in the morning haha.

Thursday's Turkey Trot 4 mile run was hilly and a little chilly, but really not too bad. After the race my mom and I grabbed some hot beverages and donuts at DD, then I had to rush home and shower so I could go out with the husband for our monthly wine tasting and a light lunch. I felt horrible going on Thanksgiving, but they were open and it was the only day we could squeeze it in when it wouldn't be miserable—we had contemplated Wednesday night, but figured it would be way too crowded (we overheard a server saying how it was a madhouse, so I think we made the right call). It was lovely. After that we headed to my in-laws for dinner, which was delicious. His family is filled with characters, so it's always so fun to get together with them all... we pretty much just laugh the whole time. I filled up on turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, Irish soda bread, dinner rolls, and corn. Then I had some pumpkin pie. Yum. We got home around 8:30 or so, took care of some house business and hit bed pretty early. 

Friday I was up at 4am and could not fall back asleep. I woke up and tossed some laundry in the washer, watched a little tv, and then started to feel sick. That happens to me when I'm exhausted. I headed back up to bed and was able to sleep another 2 hours, which was great. The rest of the day was productive cleaning the house with a treadmill run at the gym squeezed in. I was planning on doing 4 miles, but was having some foot pain and ended at about 3. I figured it was alright since I did the 4 miles before, and still had 10 miles Saturday and 23 on Sunday. For dinner we headed up to our favorite food truck at our favorite local brewery, and had an early night to bed... again.

Saturday was another early morning as my mom and I headed in to the city. We had the Grant Park Turkey Trot 5k at 9am and then the Ugly Sweater Run at Soldier Field at 11am. Since I had to do 10 miles that day and got there a bit early, we did 1.83 miles before the first race, then the first race at 3.14, then another mile, the other 5k, and then I after finishing that race I ran around the parking lot to finish another .93 miles. After that I enjoyed an Angry Orchard that was included in the race registration. After the races, I had lunch with my mom and we stopped at a local running store for some socks (I also got a Brooks winter running hat with the ponytail hole and a baclava). Then I showered, took a nap, and took the rest of the day easy.

My left knee was hurting me after the races Saturday, so I did a full knee support KT Tape application, and on Sunday I had no problems with it.

Sunday was tough. This was my first time going 23 miles—until yesterday, my farthest had been 20, and then was extremely tough for me as my shins were giving me a lot of problems. These 23 miles were still crazy hard, but they were better than the time I did 20, and after 3 other days of running, I was quite happy with that. These 23 miles were done all by my lonesome – no one to chat with or give me words of encouragement. Having finished them by myself, I feel confident that I can complete the marathon. I don't know if it rained the night before or if it was the snow/ice that melted, but a lot of the trail was very very messy. I had mud all over my shoes and back of my pants. I didn't mind that it was messy, but there were times that my feet would sink in or turn an odd way that I didn't feel stable on my feet.

Probably hard to tell how muddy it is from that picture in the middle,
but think the pants show it well enough.

As for fueling, I had 20 ENERGYbits and a PowerBar Performance Energy Blend about 15 minutes before starting. I hydrated with some water and about 30 oz of Nuun Fruit Punch. Every 2 miles I had a Clif Shot Blok – I finished off a pack of Orange and then had Mountain Berry. At mile 10 I had a Picky Bar Cookie Doughpness (my favorite!). I felt this fueling strategy helped keep me going. When I finished, I immediately had a chocolate milk with extra protein and a Justin's Nut Butter (Thanks to the fine folks at Justin's and BibRave for providing this BibRavePro an abundance of samples!). This was my first time trying Justin's and let me say, I was quite pleased with it! It tasted delicious and hit the spot after those tough miles.

As far as the weather and my attire... it was too hot for the first 1/3 and then too cold for the 2/3 at the end. I had on a Patagonia lightweight long sleeve top as a base layer, then a tech t-shirt and my Brooks jacket (I love the zipper pockets!), and then I had on Zensah compression sleeves, Oiselle Portman Pants (the only legging to not bother me when running), Features socks, and Brooks trail running shoes. It was sunny and 48 with a feels like 43 when I started, not much wine, and then at about mile 10 it was 34 with a feels like of 25, no sun, and 12 MPH winds. I was cold and sort of miserable for those last 13 miles, but I powered through any way.

I was a bit tired and sore when I got home, but nothing too strange. However, right before bed, I had such a horrible pain in my right ankle that I could barely walk. I didn't notice any swelling or bruising, and couldn't think of any incidents that would make it hurt that bad. Unfortunately  it was still hurting this morning when I got up. I taped it with KT Tape, which has been helpful, but it still gives me shooting pains now and again when I'm walking (or should I say limping). This is a bit disconcerting, but I'm hoping with some RICE and a bit of stretching, it'll feel better pronto. Luckily this week is just some maintenance runs for the week and a fun run 5k on Saturday. Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

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How was your week/end? Did training go well?

P.S. Make sure to review your race(s) on, and join us for #BibChat tomorrow night at 8pm CT.

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  1. Wow you had a busy week/weekend of runs/races. And double wow for getting up a 4 am on Friday and not even for shopping purposes!


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