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bibrave pro spotlight: jeremy

Hello and welcome to the fifth installment of BibRavePro Spotlight! If you missed the first few, catch up here: firstsecond, third, fourth. Here's a little background info on the series:

I'm excited to introduce a new series on the blog – BibRave Pro Spotlight! Each Tuesday (or at least, most Tuesdays) I'm going to feature a different 

BibRave Pro. The program is thriving, and new Pros are joining the team everyday. I've loved my almost year of being a BRP, and have gained some great friendships through it. It's super awesome that so many new people are being added, but with a large group, it can be hard to get to know everyone as closely as I'd like. Hence, the idea for a blog series developed. I'm thrilled to get to know each Pro a little bit more, and hope you enjoy it too!

Jeremy and I haven't met in person yet, but I am SUPER DUPER excited to knock this off my checklist this upcoming weekend at The North Face Endurance Challenge Wisconsin! Whooo! So many Pros are headed there, and I can't wait to hang out with everyone.

Jeremy has always been so kind, friendly, helpful, supportive, and easy to talk with. We joke around all the time and it's been a pleasure getting to know him over the past year+. And of course one of my favorite things about him? He's a fellow dog-lover. 

I'll obviously be writing a post about the weekend, so look for some mentions of this guy. Also, keep an eye on our twitter and instagram feeds for some fun photos most likely starting on Friday. 

I'm so happy with the way life has been going for him and am excited to hear more about his new job as time goes on (read below!).

Name: Jeremy Heath
Location: Phoenix, AZ

Gotta admit, I'm a little jealous of his scenery sometimes...

When did you start running and why? I wanted to LOSE the Freshman 15 instead of gain it. So I started running in college as a way to lose weight and get healthy. I’m not very good at any other sports so I figured running would be easy enough and little “skill” involved. I quickly fell in love with it and began running in a local race series. I was hooked.

Jeremy takes great photos. Make sure to follow him on IG.

What is your favorite race distance? Probably the full marathon. I know, crazy, right? Not to down play any other distances, but when you run a marathon you’re entire life revolves around your training. You become obsessed. And when race day finally arrives, and you cross that finish line, it’s that much more rewarding because those months of obsession have finally paid off.  
{I can vouch for this… marathon training pretty much IS your life. I sort of love it :) }

Do you have a favorite race? I’d have to go with any Ragnar Relay. I’ve done quite a few now and they’re always amazingly rewarding and spectacular adventures. Trail or Road, whatever challenge you choose, it’s going to be fantastic.

Jeremy with Team Nuuniacs at Ragnar Wasatch Back.
How about toughest race you've ever done (because of weather, distance, injury, etc.) ? The SF Marathon. Great race, incredible scenery... but I was running through injury. The hills took their toll on me and I struggled through to the finish. I want to return one year soon for a “redemption race”.  

Do you have any race day traditions? Coffee. I can’t run without my morning coffee. And after a race I always love going out for pancakes. 

The most important lesson running has taught you? That there’s no better competition than yourself. 

Some of your favorite running products – for running or recovery? Recovery/Compression: I love 2XU and Zensah. For Hydration: I’m a huge believer in Nuun.  

What are you currently training for? I have the North Face Endurance Challenge Series-Wisconsin this weekend! After that, the Rock n Roll Las Vegas Half. These I’ll just run for fun. I’m recovering from injury and am eager to start training for my first 50k.

What's one item you can't go on a run without? My Orange Mud hydration pack. Never leave for a run without it! {I also have an Orange Mud hydration pack and it's been awesome for both of my marathon trainings}

Do you prefer to run in a group or alone? Depends. Sometimes I like to just get out and run on my own or with my dog. But other times I crave the companionship from running with friends. Plus, friends can help push me when I need it most. 

Are you a morning runner? Any tips for those of us who have trouble getting it done in the AM? I always feel better when I run during the morning, but if I had to choose I’d prefer to run at night. There’s just something about running in the moonlight while everything around you is winding down and the world is going silent that helps me to focus inward. 

What are some of your other hobbies? I’m a big movie buff, but also enjoy reading books (mostly thrillers). {I love reading thrillers too!}

What's your day job? I’ve actually just been hired as the Marketing Manager for Gemini Virgo Productions, Inc., a local racing company that organizes several races from marathons to 5ks. It’s a new company and I can’t wait to help it grow and be doing exactly what I’m most passionate about! It’s a really exciting chapter in my life! 

Any big running/athletic goals for the future? (i.e. ultra, triathlon, etc) I would like to break into the ultra running world! My goal is to run my first 50k sometime in 2016. After that, a 50 miler… then on to tackle a 100-miler! :D 

How long have you been a BibRave Pro? I was around when they first opened up the BibRave Pro program. So, over a year. Man how time flies! 

What's your favorite thing about being a BRP? The camaraderie we share. We’re not just some ambassador program where we sit around and wait for free stuff. We share stories with each other, turn to one another for advice, and then share that collective knowledge with our followers and the online running community. We make a difference in each other’s lives as well as others around the globe. 

Any other fun tidbits about yourself you'd like to share? I strongly believe in the power the running community and the influence we have on one another. And I believe ANYone can be a runner… no matter what they’re ability, age, or experience. My own mother is in her 50s and just started running! 

So let’s share the adventure together. In my area? Let’s go for a run! Got a gear/race/training/etc. question? Shoot me a message on Twitter or Instagram! Together we can motivate and inspire the world! :D 

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