Tuesday, August 11, 2015

bibrave pro spotlight: angie

Hello and welcome! I'm excited to introduce a new series on the blog – BibRave Pro Spotlight! Each Tuesday (or at least, most Tuesdays) I'm going to feature a different BibRave Pro. The program is thriving, and new Pros are joining the team everyday. I've loved my almost year of being a BRP, and have gained some great friendships through it. It's super awesome that so many new people are being added, but with a large group, it can be hard to get to know everyone as closely as I'd like. Hence, the idea for a blog series developed. I'm thrilled to get to know each Pro a little bit more, and hope you enjoy it too!

Angie is my first BibRave Pro Spotlight. She was the first Pro I met in person – back in October of 2014 we both cheered for runners at the Chicago Marathon BibRave Cheer Station, and then hung out for much of the day. Since then, we have gotten really close, and I consider her my BRF (best running friend). I honestly think I talk to her—or maybe I should say communicate, as it's usually via email, Facebook, texting, tweeting—than I do most of my other friends, and I'm totally ok with that. 

She helps keep me motivated, she makes me laugh, and she supports all of my running endeavors. It's funny that we haven't spent a ton of time together in person, but somehow, I feel like I've known her for years. It's probably from all of the joking around and chatting we do on social media. Plus, I think there's something about runners that make it so easy to get to know them – most everyone is friendly, helpful, supportive, honest, and just all around awesome.

Our first real life meeting!

Since last October, we have had the chance to meet up at runDisney Princess Half Marathon weekend, as we both ran all three races, and then again in May for the Soldier Field 10 Mile. Next up is our adventure at Fort2Base in less than two weeks (there's still some spots left - grab yours while you can! Discount code = BIBRAVEDISC and you'll get $14 off the 10 Nautical Miles and $7 off 3 Nautical Miles), then again at The North Face Endurance Challenge Series in Wisconsin, where I'll be cheering her on for the 50k and I'll be running the 10k on Sunday, and then AGAIN the following week at Chicago Marathon, where this time instead of cheering, we both will be running. I am so excited for all of our meets ups!

A collage of fun Angie & Heather photos.

She's been a BibRave Pro for over a year, and she's one of the top contributors every week at #BibChat. PLUS she has 71 race reviews written on BibRave.com and adding more all. the. time. Yeah, she's a superstar! Anyway, enough chatter from me, here she is!

Name: Angie
Location: Iowa

When did you start running and why? 
Started running about 6 years ago, it was a the start of a weight loss journey.

What is your favorite race distance? 
Half marathon, long enough yet short enough to run my fastest.

What's your favorite race (or top 3 if you can't decide)?
WDW Marathon, Blue Ridge Marathon, Grandma's Marathon

What's the toughest race you've ever done, whether because of weather, distance, mental fatigue, etc.? 
The Music City Trail Ultra (50k) I woke up with a fever, the trail was very difficult plus it had rained the days before (slippery and hilly), and I was directed the wrong way.

Do you have any race day traditions? 
Toast/english muffin with peanut butter and coffee an hour out. Otherwise, just another day to run.

Somehow it's not in the interview,
but Angie is a huge Hawkeyes fan.

The most important lesson running has taught you? 
Anything is possible with a little training.

Some of your favorite running products – either for while running or for recovery. Why are they your favorite? 
I love Sparkle Athletic skirts, adds a little fun & flair to race day. My RoadID for safety. Compression socks, compression pants, compression everything :) I just found the perfect for me running shorts, you know the spandex ones with just the right length inseam, the Adidas 7" boy short! I love my Addaday roller for recovery. 

What are you currently training for? 
I always have a race on the calendar, but the one I am actually training for is the North Face Endurance Challenge 50k in Wisconsin. There will be the Madison Mini, The Backpocket 7 miler, the Fort to Base, probably the Quad Cities half marathon and other 5k's to help get me there. Then the week after the 50k, I will run the Chicago Marathon.

Are you a morning runner? Any tips for those of us (i.e. ME) who have trouble getting it done in the AM? 
I prefer the morning, then I don't have to wait all day to get it done, plus it allows time to participate in #bibchat, or mow the lawn. It is hard to get out of bed, but just wake up and do it!

What's your favorite thing about being a BibRave Pro
The community it has created, love my orange wearing running people. It is nice to get products and run races, but meeting new people and traveling to new places is hard to beat.

If you aren't following her on Twitter or Instagram yet, I suggest you get on it pronto. She's funny, inspiring, and she's always out there getting it done (and taking awesome photos, while she's at it). I mean really, she never makes an excuse like some of us are prone to do {clears throat and looks away}. I also love that she doesn't take herself too seriously. 

Angie's social media info:
blog | twitter | instagram

Make sure to join us tonight for #BibChat – follow BibRave on Twitter and use the hashtag BibChat and converse with other like minded folk. It's always a fun time, and the hour flies by. It's at 8pm CT, and tonight's (August 11) sponsor is Buff! They are giving away two UV Half Buffs to two lucky winners, so don't miss out. Not sure what the UV Half Buff is? Check out my review.

Interested in becoming a BibRave Pro? Fill out an application here.


  1. Yay Angie! :) Love this feature, Heather!

  2. BRF's are fantastic. I'm glad Bibrave has introduced me to both of you :)


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