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plantronics backbeat fit review

Disclaimer: I received a the Plantronics BackBeat FIT Wireless Headphones + Mic to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!

If you are like me, you've tried your fair share of headphones, because, like me, you NEED some music when you are running. I'm sure I could get by on a run without music, but honestly, I just don't want to. 

After some searching, I finally found a pair of wired earbuds that worked well for me, but like most people, I wanted to try and find the perfect wireless headphones. No more wires messing up my photos. Plus, I already have so much on me (you might have noticed from photos or other posts that I am the kind of runner that likes to be prepared... aka brings way too much stuff with me on my runs), cutting that wire would be quite helpful in making me feel less encumbered. 

Red light means they are charging.

I have to admit, I've tried a few pairs out. They worked ok, but there was always some problem – music cutting in and out (drove me nuts), or the earbuds not fitting quite right, or the earbuds falling out constantly. Some other BibRave Pros had the chance to try these Plantronics BackBeat FIT before me, and they all had such great things to say, so I was itching to give them a try. Thanks to BibRave and Plantronics for giving me that chance.

Angie and I have had much discussion on headphones. We seem to have the same issue – finding a pair that stays in our ears and are comfortable during our runs. So when she said these worked quite well for her, I was intrigued.

When I took them out of their box, I already had a surprise. From the photos, I thought that the piece that went from one bud to the other was hard, but it was actually rubbery. That was good news, because I tried a pair that was hard and they bounced too much for my tastes. I was pretty excited because I received the blue pair – my favorite color. Yellow is the other option, which is cool, but I prefer blue :)

A feature I knew would be great for me was that they had a battery life of 8 hours. Considering my first marathon took about 7 hours to complete, it was nice to know I'd have a pair of headphones that would last the entire race. 

Another awesome feature is that they are waterproof. No more worrying about my sweat ruining them, or getting caught in the rain. Super good news for me since it rained the first time I used them, and then also I was super sweaty from 11.25 miles + heat and humidity.

Their first run, in fact, was a Saturday long run. I knew this was the test they needed, as any pair can manage to feel comfortable for a 3 miler. 11.25 miles of wear would let me know if they would stay in my ear, have no bounce, leave my ears pain-free, and not go in and out of sound. Check, check, check, and check. 

Another issue I sometimes run across is any type of headphone that goes over ears. I pretty much always wear sunglasses because my eyes are sensitive, and the over ear headphones become bothersome having to deal with that and my sunglasses behind my ear. The BackBeat FIT and my sunglasses worked well together, and even though the headphones go around the ears, they didn't interfere with my sunglasses. Yay!

They survived their first long run!

Like all good researches, one test was not enough. I used them on other short and long runs, outside and indoors on the treadmill and elliptical, and at Fort2Base (11.5 mile race). That waterproof thing came in handy again at Fort2Base as I got poured on about halfway through, briefly, and then again near the finish line. I didn't have to worry getting my headphones in ziplock bag, which was nice.

Both Angie and I with our BackBeat FIT
ready for Fort2Base.

They sync up via your phone's bluetooth, so of course there is the worry of battery life on the phone. I have a fairly new iPhone 6, and after my long runs, my phone still had more than half its battery left (so not only was the bluetooth on the whole time, but also playing music and having Nike+ running in the background). More points for these headphones. PS They were really easy to sync up.

While I appreciate other brands that give you multiple earbud sizes to try out, I can honestly never find the right size. They are all either too big or too small. These don't give you an option, but they fit my smaller ears just fine without any pain or falling out mid-run. I don't have to adjust them at all once they are in.

Once I read the instructions, I made mental notes of all the buttons, and had no problems during my run adjusting volume, switching songs, or turning off/on. A voice even tells you when they are on and connected, and when they are turning off. For music and once they are on, you just use the left side for volume, playing/pausing, or to switch songs (just tap the play button twice). They also charge up pretty quickly. They have a red light during charge which turns green when they are good to go.

Thumbs up for these wireless headphones!

They headphones also come with a carrying case that doubles as an armband. I don't like using armbands, but when traveling to Fort2Base, I used the case to hold my headphones and the charger. It was nice to keep it all together.

I haven't used them to take a call, but you can do so if you are so inclined. They've been great for music. I think of all the times I've used them, they've only cut out twice. Definitely manageable and bearable. 

These headphones are the best wireless pair I've tried out yet, and that's really saying something. You can get yourself a pair online for $129.99. They also sell spare eartips, if you need them, for $4.95.

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  1. I'm definitely loving my plantronincs headphones, and have actually used them while doing yard work A LOT- they are so convenient!

    1. yes! No wires to get tangled in - amazing. I like to wear them baking and cleaning house :)


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