Wednesday, March 2, 2016

do you pick your races based on swag?

Are you someone that takes into consideration a race’s SWAG before you decide whether it’s a race you’re interested in or not? Sometimes SWAG can really influence a runner into signing up for a race. I sometimes have had some races on my radar, but what really sealed the deal to get me registered was some sweet SWAG. 

A few examples of races I’ve done that have had great clothes, food, medals, etc with race entry:

Any runDisney race:
I love the cut and fit of their tech shirts (and especially love when it’s a winter race so you get long sleeves), plus their medals are always creative and fun every year. Plus, they change each year – even though the characters/theme stay the same, it’s a new design for the medal and ribbon, which makes running every year exciting. They also sell some great stuff at their expo. I know merchandise for purchase isn’t considered SWAG, but I do love when a race sells fun/unique items.

RAM Racing Hot Chocolate Series:
ALWAYS great SWAG - usually some type of jacket or sweatshirt, but it’s different every year and usually also include a drawstring bag. They offer different colors for men and women, though you can choose whichever you prefer when you register. The 15k race also has a super fun ‘chocolate bar’ medal, themed towards the city you are running in. And of course you can’t forget the chocolate when you are done along with all of the dipping treats (marshmallows, pretzels, etc.). Unfortunately for me, the past two years it's been over Wine and Dine weekend, so I haven't been in Chicago to race. Lucky for me this year it's in October, so you know I'll be registering for it!

RAM Racing Rock the Night 5k:
I’ve done this race two years so far, and plan on my third this year. Race registration includes a fun shirt (this past year was a long sleeve shirt that was super soft, moisture-wicking, tech material, reflective logos, and in electric purple for women and bright blue for men) along with a drawstring backpack. It also includes an amazing food spread when you are done - corn on the cob and a hamburger! Also, craft beer (last year’s option was Bell’s). I think you all know I’m a sucker for craft beer post-race. I get upset when it’s a not delicious beer option. This race is held on a weekday evening, but it’s a fun time. There are bands and it’s just a plain old good time.

Nom nom nom.

Burgers and Beer 5k:
Another weeknight race. The past two years there were tech t-shirts and afterwards, burgers (or vegan option I believe) from the Billy Goat and Goose Island. There were also chips, and the first year I ran this they had Rainbow Cone. Yum. As you can see, I love a race that basically gives you a dinner option when you are done racing haha.

I was so hungry I didn't even get a photo before
practically inhaling the whole thing. Oops.

Hot Dash 5k & 10 Mile (Saturday, March 19, 2016 in Minneapolis, MN):
Participants of the Hot Dash 5k and 10 Mile receive an awesome navy blue 1/2 zip tech shirt by Storm Creek. I love the logo on the front and back - super cute. Plus, I love blue. Another perk of registering for this race? Finisher medals, which are new for 2016. The Hot Dash has a Lumberjack theme (there’s a contest for best costume, winter beard, and Minnesotan). Head over to the website for rules. After the race, warm up by the onsite fire pits AND enjoy a hot dish (new options in 2016) and a free beer! Sounds like an awesome race. Just a heads up, as of yesterday there were only 150 spots left, so better register pronto before you miss your chance!

Want to add to your Hot Dash SWAG? I’m giving away THREE pairs of Hot Dash FITSOKS - a super cute orange and blue plaid with the logo on them (they’ll go well with your jacket or costume for the race!). Enter the rafflecopter giveaway below and I'll email the selected winners. US residents only, please (and sorry for those that aren’t). 

Do you choose races based on SWAG? Do you like dressing up in costumes for any/all races? I’m not a big costume person, but I do often wear a fun sparkly skirt, and if it’s a runDisney race, I’ll pair it up with a fun Disney-themed shirt. I’d love to hear what you like to wear for themed races!

PS You can also enter the same giveaway from Angie and/or Gina!


  1. Buwahaha - the one of you eating the corn. I like that it's both anger and aggression being unleashed on that hapless corn.

  2. I'm so jealous of all the cool races you get out in Chi-town. I'd love to one of the Hot Chocolate races, but Philly is closest to me, and the timing is really bad every year. Ah well...

    1. Races every weekend it seems! It gets expensive haha. That's too bad that you can't ever make the Hot Chocolate in Philly - maybe one year it'll work out for you and you'll get to enjoy all. things. chocolate.

  3. I actually like to be surprised as to what the shirt and medal look like! Unfortunately social media usually prevents that from happening. I love the Disney medals but I really wish they would change the Princess medals up more than once every 5 years!

    1. Yes - a surprise is fun, but so many runners want to know before registering. It must be a tough balance for the races.


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