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stop the chafe: 2toms review

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Getting ready for BoMF Mardi Gras 10k. First time running outside in shorts
since receiving 2Toms. Rolled on pre-race and brought the wipe for any
chafing that might occur during. Wipes are great to put in my pack.

Chafing is a common occurrence among runners. Sometimes we can have all the perfect gear, but chafing can still occur. I've found for myself, it's a random thing. Sometimes I have chafing problems, and sometimes I don't. With the same exact gear. It's quite the anomaly. I think often the main factors of my chafing are weather related and how sweaty I am, and not always related to what clothing I'm wearing at the time. All of my gear has been tested pretty thoroughly, so I don't really blame my clothes. 

Anyway, I often wouldn't even notice the major chafing until I took my shower after my run or race. I'd step into the hot water, and AHHHH/OUCH. The chaffing showed itself (and was horrifically felt).

BoMF Mardi Gras 10k was shorts/skirt weather. You know 2Toms was applied.

Now, chaffing locations can be quite sensitive... and a sensitive topic depending on where that chaffing is happening. My most common spots are thighs and sports bras locations. So, I've grown accustomed to using anti-chafe cream where my sports bra band is and on my thighs, but I hadn't found a product I particularly loved. 

Cold weather running testing out 2Toms. Worked great.

In comes 2Toms. They so nicely sent me the SportShield for Her! Roll-On and three SportShield for HER! Single Wipes. They also sent a helpful note with the products.

10 miles and no chafing. Boom.

The Roll-On applicator is fantastic! It's so easy to apply wherever you want and is fragrance-free and long lasting. It feels so silky and nice. I've found not all anti-chafe products have a nice feel. 

Gym bag staple!

The SportShield for Her! was exclusively formulated for women with added benefits for comfort and protection specific to women. The intent was to deliver the perfect balance of protection and comfort in a silky smooth formula that lasts all day. It performs under the most grueling conditions and will not rub off. It even works under wetsuits, bathing-suits, and sports bras.

• Won't melt
• Rolls on quickly and easily
• Sweatproof
• Waterproof
• Delivers all-day protection against rubbing and friction

The For Her! difference:
• Moisture rich protection
• Contains aloe and shea butter to moisturize and soothe
• Natural anti-microbial ingredients help protect sensitive skin
• Fragrance free
• Dye free
• Contains no animal products

SportShielf is removed from the skin with soap and water (leaving no residue) and is ideal for: running, hiking, biking, swim suits, wet suits, sports bras, underwear, and heart rate monitors.

Flat Heather ready for the Chicago Quarter Marathon. Yes, 2Toms is always in my pile.

Shorts weather is upon us, which means that protecting myself from chafing is even more important now. Roll-On some SportShield on my legs and I'm good to go. We've had a lot of jumping in temps and weather patterns, so I've been able to test it with just about every possible layering I'd do - from 5 degrees and crazy windy, to 50s (for me that's a tee or tank and shorts). It's held up well in all variables.

2Toms even makes a guarantee: If not completely satisfied, return package (unused portion) and a receipt/proof of purchase for a full refund.

The gym I go to is extremely warm, and so I sweat a lot, which I think leads to even more chafing. I haven't had any problems since I started using 2Toms. It's amazing. No more surprises when I jump in the shower. Thank goodness. There's no sticky residue and doesn't feel gross, but it washes right off with my loofah and soap.

Post Chicago Quarter Marathon. Smiling because there's no chafe!

The towelettes are super easy to put in my Orange Mud VP1 and have with me if I missed any spots or some new place is chafing while I'm on the go. To use the wipes, you just need to tear off the top, push up the wipe, and pain on like a brush. It prevents getting SportShield on your fingers and also allows for multiple applications. Speaking of, if I have short sleeves on and am using my pack, I'll add some 2Toms to my arms where they would rub on the pack to avoid chafing there as well.

2Toms also has some other great products that I'm interested in - Stink Free Gear and Shoe spray and Stink Free Sports Detergent. I know Amy bought the detergent, so can't wait to hear what she thinks on that.

You can purchase 2Toms on their website and the Roll-On is only $13. AND BONUS: Use 2Toms20 for a 20% discount. Your body will thank you when you stop the chafe.

I know not everyone chafes on the regular, but I'm not sure I've ever met someone who hasn't at least once. I think it's good to have product on hand just in case, and I would definitely recommend 2Toms to my fellow active friends and followers. And I don't know about you, but even if I don't always chafe, I'd rather add on some extra protection every run rather than have those random acts of chafing that are so painful in the shower and could have easily been avoided with a quick swipe of some 2Toms.

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  1. I have used 2Toms in the past and really liked it. I could use that stink free gear and shoe spray. My sneakers are always so smelly.-L

    1. I know - same here! Even my day-to-day gym shoes are getting pretty stinky.


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