Monday, August 1, 2016

chicago marathon training 2016: week 11

Week 10 of Chicago Marathon Training
Monday, July 25: Strength Train
Tuesday, July 26: 8 miles; 45/30; 1:57:52; 14:44 avg pace
Wednesday, July 27: Strength Train
Thursday, July 28: 8 miles; 45/30; 1:51:06; 13:53 avg pace
Friday, July 29Rest Day / Stretch / Roll
Saturday, July 30: 12 miles; 45/30 – Ran 6; 1:21:12; 13:32 avg pace
Sunday, July 31: 6 miles; 45/30  – Ran 8; 1:49:39; 13:42 avg pace

Week Total Mileage: 30 
Marathon Training Mileage: 309.28
YTD: 735.6

8 miles on Tuesday were tough. My legs felt dead the first mile, then I felt OK for 2–,5, and then I just bombed. The heat was too much for me and I ended up walking a ton the last two miles. But when things like that get me down, I remember that last year I wouldn't even make it 3 miles in this weather. I would have gone on the treadmill. Or attempted 8 miles, but would have had to walk way more and been over a 15mm pace (I wasn't today - whoooo). Soooo while I'm disappointed that the past few runs haven't gone great, I'm still seeing progress. Boom! Remember where you started and how far you've come!

Thursday 8 miles went better than Tuesday's run for sure. I've found that even if it's hot and humid, it's the sun that really gets me down. Another run, another soaked shirt 😅 I then went on the spend 5 hours on my feet at Lollapalooza. Over 32,000 steps today. I'm interested to see how the rest of the weekend goes. Hoping the weather stays on the 'cooler' side. I'm definitely not as young as I was when I first started coming 9 years ago. I'd be there all day every day. Can't hang like that any more haha. I get tired too easily in my older age.

On Saturday, 6 mile run in the morning and another 7 (walking) at Lollapalooza. I go from running clothes... To more running clothes. I'm all about the comfort, not the look 😉 This morning's miles went well! Legs felt heavy the first mile, but then loosened up and my pace for each mile got better and better! Yippee. It was helpful that it was 'mild' temps in the 70s with clouds (but still high humidity, so still sweating like a beast). I had planned a linger day at Lolla for Saturday, which is why I changed my schedule up to do 6 Saturday and planned 12 Sunday.

Sunday I was aiming for 12. I only managed 8 due to lack of time and energy. Total for the day with walking was over 14 though, so I'm not too worried about if. My legs and feet are pretty sore and tired from the long weekend of running back and forth to different stages, but I had a blast. I think 4 days of Lollaplooza is like running a marathon – so much time spent on the feet and legs in the heat. I do think this was one of the best years weather wise for the festival. Not 100 degrees which was nice. Rainy two of the days, but I'll take it (meant clouds and lower temps). No evacuations so to me it's a success! 

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