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xx2i (prescription) australia1 review

Disclaimer: I received the XX2i Australia1 prescription sunglasses to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

I love sunglasses, but not only that, I NEED them when I run outside. All the time. Even on a cloudy day, my sensitive eyes need protection, or I squint and get a headache. Another issue I have? I have bad vision. Which means in order to go outside and run, I always have to put in my contacts so I can wear sunglasses. This is not always a fun task, as when my eyes are tired or sore for whatever reason, contacts don't feel great. In comes XX2i and saves me from this problem. I received the Australia1 Matte Black with polarized grey lenses. Beautiful and not at all the the way I envision a pair of Rx sports sunglasses to look. This style also comes in matte white/black with polar grey lenses or matte tortoise with polar brown lenses.

Wearing the XX2i Australia1 for errands.

The only pair of prescription sunglasses I own are a pair of aviators, which would not hold up well during running. They'd slip and fog - not something I want to be dealing with while on the run.

Tested them out on a walk.

The XX2i Australia1 Rx are AMAZING. It was so great to be able to roll out of bed, brush teeth, get dressed, and go run... and NOT have to include forcing contacts into my eyes before leaving the house. I wore these sunglasses during the Humboldt Park 5k and on multiple training runs, from 6–20 miles. So don't worry, they got a full testing done before I wrote this review. No slipping. No bouncing. No bothers (and I'm easily bothered once I get into the longer runs and close but so far to the finish, minor things get on my nerves and these never did). I always wore a pair of over the ear headphones and then the sunglasses on top, still no issues.

How they fit with my headphones.

Now, with all new prescription glasses, it took a moment to get used to. Different lenses and shapes of glasses means the lenses themselves might be shaped different than what you are used to. I got a new pair of frames/lenses earlier in the year, and those took me a day or two to get used to because of the different shapes in the lenses. Anyway, after 5 minutes in them, I got used to it. It's mainly the peripheral that looks a bit weird, since the lenses curve around your face a bit (and by peripheral, I mean if I look all the way to one side with just my eyeballs). Anyway, the only that I needed to adjust to.

My big fear of wearing Rx lenses for running was that being a different lense than what I'm used to would lead to tripping and/or falling. Luckily, this never happened. I could see clearly and had no issues. Hooray.

I'd say the only 'issue' I had with them was since I'm uber sweaty when running, I had to wipe my face a lot, and often that meant I'd smudge the glasses. This is user error and in no way a problem with the sunglasses themselves. I guess the other thing is when I took them off to clean or dry the nosepiece is that you can't see haha, but again, this isn't really any kind of problem. They'd be off for a second, and I could see clearly enough to wipe down and put them back on.

The only time I dealt with very minor fog issues was on a 7 mile run this week when it was 95% humidity and felt so dang muggy. I know humid and muggy are similar terms, but I think they have different feels, and having both humid and muggy on one run, whoa. Tough to run in, and was the only time the sunglasses fogged up a couple times. Not a ton, just a little, so I would pull them away from my face a smidge to let airflow in and it went away.

Wearing them to drive home.

The Australia1 are XX2i's only performance sunglass featuring an interchangeable temple arm / strap system for intense activities. I personally didn't have to switch them out, as my running isn't that intense haha. I never experienced slipping or them falling off, so I kept the arms as is. The Australia1 also incorporates a removable padded insert for extra protection against the elements. Again, this wasn't necessary in my running conditions, but I do plan on giving that a test come winter time. They are a sturdy and lightweight frame with a unique wraparound style for enhanced peripheral vision. They come standard with polarized lenses that employ 8k optical technology, ensuring the utmost lens clarity and frame durability.

What's super cool about XX2i as a company? How amazing their customer service is. Their sunglasses have a lifetime warranty. No questions asked, you break or scratch them, send them back to be replaced for a nominal shipping and handling fee. They have a 365 day return policy. 365 DAYS! Practically unheard of.

Without prescription, the Australia 1 retail at $124.99. Good news for you - I have a 50% off code to offer you. XX2iRocks. Use it. Fall in love with some amazing sunglasses and a great company.

With each pair I've received a hard carrying case and a soft cloth case (that doubles as a lense wipe). 

When leaving the house, I'm always wearing a pair of XX2i. Whether it's the USA1, Australia1, Hawaii1, or the Bermuda1 – they are the perfect sunglasses for just about any need. One other thing I want to note of the Australia1 is that there is not an adjustable nosepiece on them This didn't bother me at all—they fit well, no slipping or adjusting was even needed, but thought I'd let ya know. Each sunglass style has its own features – some have adjustable nosepieces, adjustable temple tips, some have open lenses on the bottoms where others have frames all the way around.

Getting prescription lenses is a bit trickier. You'll need to email your current Rx from your eye doctor to the Rx Manager ( along with what frame style you are interested in and what lens color your want. Then you'll be able to discuss the best options. Getting Rx can cost anywhere between $260–$500. Again, you'll learn more after emailing them your choices. Keep in mind that not all Rx can go into the lenses/frames. I know a few other pros wanted to get the Rx but their prescription was too high and wouldn't work with the style. Don't let this deter you from emailing, though, because I thought my Rx would get rejected (I feel my eyesight is very bad), but it didn't. If you're interested, just shoot them an email, tell them a BibRavePro sent you, along with the other infoI mentioned, and talk it through with their Rx Manager.

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