Monday, February 6, 2017

2017 goals

Alright, we're already into the second month of the year, and I thought it might be a good time to finally chat about my goals for the year (yes, yes, I'm late haha).

I'm not into resolutions. Maybe it's just the use of the word, but to me it hold some negative connotations as something that always fails. I prefer to say goals, and I feel like they can be big or small, or maybe a group of small ones that lead to a big one. Either way, I work hard to achieve my goals, and it takes a lot of dedication, as I'm sure the majority of you are aware.

  1. 2017 miles in 2017. I joined the challenge again this year. I met 2016 last year in that I counted every step and mile I accumulated throughout the day. I hit 2016 in November. Total activity miles (running and walking activity data from Garmin) was 1207.8. A huge increase from 2016. For 2017 I plan to use only walking and running data (not all steps/miles accumulated throughout the day, but when I go for a walk or run). I have doubts that I'll hit 2017, but the real goal is to get more than last year.
  2. PR the Half Marathon Distance. I'm writing this set of goals late, but I've had them in my head, and I actually hit a PR at my first race of the year by nearly 6 minutes! Mission accomplished. However, of course it isn't quite good enough. I want to hit a 2:45 HM this year, so that's what I'm aiming for next.
  3. 6 hour marathon finish. I am currently registered for two marathons currently – Illinois Marathon at the end of April and Chicago Marathon in October. I'd love to get that finish time in April, but if not, I feel it's definitely achievable in October as long as training keeps going as is. This might be a lofty goal as I need to take off about 17 minutes off my current PR to beat this. I think it's attainable, though. I've been working hard and my pace is improving, and I feel like it's something I can push my way towards by the end of the year, if not sooner. And if not, then it gives me a goal to keep working towards in 2018. (PS Want to run Illinois Marathon, Marathon Relay, Half Marathon, 10k, or 5k? Use code bibravebonus to save $10. You can also use it on any of the I-Challenges (Full, half, etc). Read more here or here.
  4. Race at least once a month. This usually isn't too hard a task, but I like to keep it on my list so I don't forget. I think I have just about all of the months covered... I need a March race and I think maybe June and August.
  5. Continue to up my hydration game. Last year I improved leaps and bounds on my water intake (cutting WAY back on pop). I want this to continue for 2017.
  6. Focus more on nutrition/diet (by diet I mean the food that I habitually eat... not a diet trend kind of thing like Paleo or anything). I know that better running performance and recovery has a lot to do with nutrtion, and I'd like to hone in on that a bit more (I never pay much attention to what I eat, and honestly, I love some Taco Bell, pizza, fries, beer, and Cheetoh's... so cutting back on eating that stuff is part of it). I have the cookbook Run Fast. Eat Slow. and have made three of the recipes in there and loved them all. That's rare for me. I'm very picky and don't always go for the healthiest options, and I'm not big on veggies, so that doesn't make it easy. I feel like some of the recipes help hide the veggies so I get their nutritional values, but not the taste (like carrots and zucchini in the Superhero Muffins).
  7. I originally forgot this one when I initially posted and just remembered as I was looking at my watch! Oops. I want to hit 10,000 steps a day. My watch is set as auto goal, so I'd love to hit that goal everyday, but I know some days it might not be feasible (as the more I hit my goal and go over, the more steps it wants me to do the next day haha). I believe I've hit 10,000 everyday so far and only missed the goal my watch set for me once. Not too shabby, for me at least. I know on days I didn't run I had a hard time hitting those 10,000... and honestly 5,000 sometimes wasn't even in the cards. By trying to hit goal 1, it helps me meet this goal each day as well.

So those are my main goals for the year. I know I won't always be perfect, but trying to improve my health and happiness is priority for me. I know if I stay focused and try hard, that's what matters most to me. Sure, I'll have slip ups, and that's ok. It's just about doing my best.

Do you set goals or resolutions?

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