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right not tight: legend compression leg sleeves review

Disclaimer: I received a pair of Legend Compression Leg Sleeves to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

I know some people don't believe in compression gear, but ever since I started using compression sleeves or tights, I've noticed a huge difference in both recovery and on the run relief of muscle soreness. I like to wear compression sleeves during longer runs to help prevent or deal with shin splints or tired calf muscles, and I also like to toss them on after a tough run to help my muscles recover before my next run.

I like trying different companies to see what I like and what works best, and LEGEND® is now on my short list of acceptable (for me) compression gear. What makes LEGEND® stand out (below info from the website)?

LEGEND® Compression Leg Sleeves | For Running, Cycling, Triathlon & all Sports
Our Legendary Compression Leg Sleeves are designed to provide all athletes with greater power output. They provide calf support, shin splint relief and reduce leg fatigue & soreness. LEGEND® uses medical grade graduated compression (15-20 mmHg) in our popular leg sleeves to provide a firm fit in the calves and shins to increase performance and endurance while stabilizing the muscles to help prevent injury. Our Legend Compression Leg / Calf Sleeves also feature the innovative “Power Band” at the ankle for incredible durability. These sleeves are built for running, cycling, triathlon, CrossFit, golf and most other sporting activities. Available in a wide range of colors to match your style.

  • Relieves shin splints, calf cramps and pulled muscles
  • 15-20 mmHg Graduated compression for increased athletic performance
  • Greater power output
  • Enhanced endurance
  • Increase oxygen levels and blood circulation
  • Reduced muscle fatigue, exertion and soreness
  • Faster recovery time
  • Promotes healing
  • Reduce vibration
  • Maximum blood flow for muscle performance
  • Reduction of lactic acid
  • Moisture wicking
  • Breathable, seamless construction for comfort
  • UV protection

What makes LEGEND the best choice?
  1. Medical Design Characteristics: With many different leg compression sleeves on the market, the LEGEND® Compression Leg Sleeves set themselves apart through the unique design characteristics brought in through our background in medical compression therapy. This allows runners, triathletes, cyclers, and all athletes alike to realize the greatest performance benefits of any compression calf sleeve in the world.
  2. Quality Assurance: Being Manufactured in the USA, our LEGEND® Compression Calf Sleeves, along with our other sports compression products, are subject to the highest level of quality assurance that you will find on the market. By adhering to more strict international quality guidelines, along with our own LEGENDARY standards, we guarantee these calf sleeves will not disappoint.
  3. Superior Style: We want all athletes, runners, triathletes, cyclers, and others alike, to look good and feel good while they are out there competing and training. We kept our design simple and understated. We want the focus to be on the athlete. The clean and professional look of our Compression Leg Sleeves is a look we are proud to see athletes around the world wearing!

Who benefits from Compression Leg Sleeves?
Runners: These calf sleeves were designed for all Sports, but the most prominent application is seen by runners. The calf sleeves are also categorized as sports compression sleeves and they will help improve endurance, increase power output, decrease shin splints and calf cramps, and keep you feeling cool and dry during your runs. If you are a runner looking for a great performance leg sleeve, then these were designed just for you. We want you to run longer, run faster and run healthy!

Triathletes: Many Triathletes use these calf sleeves during training racing. In a sport that puts ultimate pressure on your legs, these leg sleeves were designed to weather the storm of swimming, biking and running, so that triathletes can feel the support throughout their race.

Cyclers: When you are riding your bike for extended periods of time, maintaining the health of your feet and legs is critical. The LEGEND® Compression Leg Sleeves are designed to prevent shin splints and calf cramps that can hamper your rides, as well as improve overall blood flow and circulation to help you ride stronger for longer.

Team Sports: While not seen as much in team sports, we highly recommend these leg compression sleeves for basketball, football, and other team sports. Stabilize fast twitch lower leg muscles during quick change of direction sports to gain that 1/2 second edge over your competition. Team sport athletes will love the way these calf sleeves function and feel!

I love that the LEGEND® calf sleeves aren't crazy hard to get on and off. Much easier than some other sleeves/socks I've tried in the past. I have some big ol' calves, so oftentimes I find myself in the largest size possible, despite my height not matching what the size chart says, since you should go by calf circumference over height. So, sometimes they are really tight and impossible to get on/off. I was a little surprised when I saw the size chart, as I figured it'd be the same story – largest size would be me. However, my calf size landed within two of their sizes – the S/M and the L/XL. Since I didn't want them to be too loose, I figured I'd go with the smaller size. While they seem a tad short (or maybe it's just because I'm so used to other sleeves being so long since they are made for taller folks), I'm happy with the selection. 

They have a lot of great color options – definitely tough to make a decision, but I went with aqua. They also have black, blue, lavender, pink, white, and yellow.

Since it's been so cold since I received the compression leg sleeves, I've been wearing them on the treadmill for running and then post-run (sometimes I even wear them under my jeans when I leave the house haha).

A little legs up the wall after a long run.

Some other great features? LEGEND® is made in the USA. They also have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. The price of the leg sleeves is $44.95, which is comparable to other brands on the market. Bonus: You can get 20% off your purchase using code rave20. If you've never tried compression before, or are looking to try a new brand, I'd give LEGEND® my stamp of approval and suggest you give them a try.

Some helpful Q&A from the website:
Question: Are these compression leg sleeves hard to get on and off?
Answer: Harder than a normal pair of long socks, yes, but in comparison to other compression socks and sleeves, no. This particular product features a therapeutic level of compression which fits right and not tight. This allows the sleeves to work, but not feel like they are so tight that you can’t get them on and off.

Question: Are these leg sleeves hot in the summer?
Answer: If you are in a hot environment for the summer then the heat is usually pretty unavoidable, but fortunately these calf sleeves are designed with an open stitch for ventilation on the calf to keep you moderately cool. They also feature a moisture wicking fabric that really helps to wick away any sweat and keep your legs/feet dry and fresh.

LEGEND® will be sponsoring #BibChat on Tuesday, February 7 at 8pm CT and I bet if you join the fun, there'll be some sweet giveaways! Follow BibRave and LEGEND® on twitter, use the hashtag #BibChat, answer some questions and interact with a group of fun runners. 

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