Friday, September 8, 2017

run mag mile 5/10k

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Hey guys! Tomorrow is the Run Mag Mile 5/10k already. I can't believe it. This week has been fast paced and BUSY as all get out. I got home from California at about 1am on Wednesday (and by home I mean landed, I wasn't home, showered, in bed until after 2am. And then I had work in the morning. Woof.

Anyway, I had my days all mixed up, and I thought the race was on Sunday! Oops. I'm just using the day as a training run, though if that also means feeling good in the cool temps and setting a PR, I wouldn't hate it ;) I'll have my long run on Sunday now, so don't want to push the legs TOO much when they still need to last another 18 miles the next day ;)

Looking forward to earning this:

California was in the triple digits most days, so coming home to 60s feels so amazing. I love this weather, and if it goes into the 50s and never gets warmer till next summer, I'd be a happy camper. However, I am realistic, and know that this IS Chicago after all, and in a few days time I'm sure we'll be back up in the 80s.

Can't wait for cooler temps to wear the sweatshirt they gave out this year! Cute color, too.

Some last minute info for the race tomorrow.

Start Times:
7am for both the 10k and 5k

Grant Park - the start is on Columbus and Jackson and heads south.

I'd recommend hitting up Spot Hero to find reasonably priced parking during the race. Usually you can get something at one of the Millenium or Grant Park garages for $20 (which, to be honest, is reasonable in this city haha - certainly better than the $35+ you'd likely pay if you don't reserve a spot first).

The finish line is just north of Jackson and Columbus.

Course Map:

According to the map, there'll be water and Nuun at 4 stops for the 10k. 5k has 2.

So, who all will I be seeing there?

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