Friday, July 11, 2014

friday five: fitness snapshots

Happy Friday, all! I am so happy that it's the end of the work week. Though we have some plans for this weekend, I will relish any down time and I'm really hoping to get at least one good night of sleep to try and kick this cold. 

I am linking up with the lovely DC Trifecta for Friday Five: Courtney at Eat Pray Run DCCynthia at You Signed up for What?, and Mar at Mar on the Run. This week's theme is "Fitness Snapshots", so here's some snapshots of my week...

Chicago River.

1. I did a bit of walking around the city this week, while taking short breaks from work. It's tough to sit at a desk all day when such lovely weather is out there – I wanted to enjoy it, as well as help get me to my step goal for the day. Not to mention my legs get tight if I am sitting for too long without getting up and walking a bit.

T-shirt and bib for the race on Monday night.

2. I picked up my bib and t-shirt for Monday's Burgers and Beer 5k. I love the shirt, though I think I'll need to exchange it for a larger size on Monday night (hopefully they'll have the next size up available – they weren't doing exchanges until everyone picked theirs up, which I understand).

runDisney training plan.

Snapshot of my schedule this week.

3. and 4. This week was week 2 of Dopey Challenge training. I switched it up a bit, since I didn't get in 45 minutes Tuesday, I did them on Wednesday. Also, it's funny how now, a 'long run' of 4 miles seems so short. There was a day when I thought that was such a long run. It's not nothing, but I've gotten used to running 8–13 on a regular basis, so a 4 mile run goes by so quickly now. The days of 15+ are really going to be the challenge, along with the back-to-back days. I've also done a bit more than what is on the schedule, including keeping my running streak alive with at least 1 mile every day that was a scheduled rest day, and I did Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred Level 1 on Monday and Tuesday—Day 2 and 3 of it—but stopped after that because I wasn't feeling great... going for a run was all I could muster.

Thursday morning run.

5. Having sinus issues was quite obnoxious while out running. I slowed down a bit, but there was a time when even on a good day I wasn't running an average pace of 13:37, so I'm still really happy with my progress so far this year. Even though it was a mere 63 degrees (which back in April/May I was complaining was too hot for running haha), the 88% humidity was a beast, and thus, I was a sweaty beast for those 3.46 miles.

How was your week in fitness? 

Thanks to CourtneyCynthia, and Mar for hosting! Make sure to check out their "Friday Five" posts (links to the specific posts are at the top of the page) and link up if you are joining in!


  1. Love that race shirt! Burgers and beer are great running motivators :)

  2. ugh, humidity is the absolute worse! even w/moderate temps, the humidity can be a killer. enjoy your 5k!

    1. Agreed! It is just a miserable running condition.

  3. Replies
    1. I sure hope it ends up that way, rather than just crazy! :)

  4. Ahh, I miss chi-town. Good luck in your race...and our training!

  5. *your

    ps, if you have any Dopey questions, let me know!

    1. It's a great city! Come visit again some time.

      Thanks! I actually do have a few, so I'll probably be emailing (read: bugging) you a few times as training progresses. Haha. I hope you don't regret your offer to help :)

  6. My week was excellent. I got all my workouts in!

  7. A burgers and beer 5K sounds like my kind of run :)


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