Tuesday, July 22, 2014

the weekly chase #16

On Tuesdays I link up my Weekly Chase goals with Mindy from Road Runner Girl. Below is a recap from how the goals from last week went over, and my new goals for this week.

Weekly goals for July 14–20; recap

Goal #1 - I'm combining a few goals here that go together, and that I have every week (so want to condense, rather than have 8 goals a week haha). Continue to log all of my calories in My Fitness Pal and stay within my calorie allotment for the day. Eat healthier. Drink 48 oz of water a day.
Overall, this went pretty well. I drank my water and logged all of my calories (to the best of my abilities - if there isn't a barcode to scan, and the item isn't already in there, I sometimes have trouble guessing). In order to be more accurate with my logging, I bought some measuring cups and spoons to keep at work. I think this will be very helpful, as I have a hard time guessing how much I am actually eating of the serving(s). Not all of my meals were healthy, but better than usual.

Goal #2 - 
Hit goal of 10,000 steps/day via Fitbit (friend me here).
BOOYAH! I hit my goal (and then some on most days) this week... even on Monday! Hooray :)

Goal #3 - Continue Dopey training.
Yes, plus I've kept my running streak going. I just finished day 56 yesterday, and my motivation for running is still strong.

Goal #4 – Strength train two days and 30 Day Shred three days.
Well, I might have tried to bite off more than I could chew when I wrote these goals. I managed one strength training session (on Thursday, which left certain muscles quite sore for my races, thanks to the lunges), but didn't do 30 Day Shred at all.

Weekly goals for July 21–27

Goal #1 - Log and stay under calorie goals every day. Drink 48 oz. of water per day. Eat healthier snacks/meals.

Goal #2 - Hit goal of 10,000 steps per day.

Goal #3 - Continue Dopey training.

Goal #4 - Strength train two days. Cross train two days. Is it bad to strength train on days you run?

Thanks for hosting the weekly chase link upMindy

Road Runner Girl

What are your goals for this week?


  1. How did I not remember you were doing Dopey this year?!?!?! Way to go!!!! Any other Disney races coming up?

    1. Haha yes! I'm so excited/nervous! I'll also be doing Mickey's Jingle Jungle 5k and Wine & Dine in November. You'll be there too, right? :)


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