Thursday, July 28, 2016

chicago marathon training 2016: week 10

Week 10 of Chicago Marathon Training
Monday, July 18: Burgers and Beer 5k
Tuesday, July 19: 8 miles; 45/30;
Wednesday, July 20: Strength Train
Thursday, July 21: 8 miles; 45/30; 
Friday, July 22: Strength Train
Saturday, July 23: Rest Day / Stretch / Roll
Sunday, July 24: 10 miles; 30/30

Week Total Mileage: 29.12 
Marathon Training Mileage: 279.28
YTD: 705.6

Great night for a race... and great food and beer!

After a weekend of racing, I capped it off with a Monday night run at Soldier Field/Lakefront Path for Burgers and Beer 5k. I believe this was my third or fourth time running this race – always a blast. I love burgers and beer and running, so why wouldn't I enjoy it? Haha.

The weather was warm and humid, but not too unpleasant. I ran with my mom and thoroughly enjoyed the food and beer after the race. They do awards and lots of giveaways at the end of the race party, which is awesome (even though I didn't win anything).

Tuesday I ran 8 miles. I would have pushed it to Wednesday after running the previous 3 days, but storms prevented that from happening. I was pretty wiped and it was about 88 degrees when I went out for my runch. I drank about 50oz of water haha. I had some troubles with the last 2 miles, and did more walking than I would have liked mile 7–8, but overall I'm seeing improvements and that makes me happy.

Sweat in the eyes! Can't be controlled during selfies haha.

Thursday was another crazy hot one at 95–100 degrees. I managed to stay outside for 5 miles before going inside on the treadmill at the gym for 3 more to finish the 8 for the day. I was feeling ok, but could feel myself crashing from the heat and humidity around mile 4, so at 5 I ran by the gym and popped on the treadmill – so very little time between the two runs. I had created a workout for the treadmill, so did 40/30 intervals on that so I didn't have to manually adjust the whole time. After finishing up at the gym, I walked home as a cool down.

Notice that small piece of lighter fabric? The only place not soaked haha.

So. Dang. Hot.

Sunday was meant to be 12 miles, but that just wasn't in the cards. I got 6.5 miles done outside in high heat and humidity, and couldn't get anymore outside. Being so sweaty, I stopped home to grab a bite to eat, shower, and then went to the gym. Again, I was hoping to finish up the 12 miles there, but my knee was hurting, so I called it quits at 3.5 more on the treadmill to be 10 miles total. I'm always disappointed when I don't get in all of my miles, but I didn't think messing up my knee was worth the 2 miles I missed. Luckily, it felt better the next week – so not sure if it was just some random thing, possibly going from pavement to treadmill, or maybe shoes I normally don't wear on there. I can't say for sure what the problem was, just happy that it didn't last long.

This summer I just can't finish any distance run without a soaked shirt or tank top
with minimal dry spots haha.

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