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chicago marathon training 2016: week 9

Week 9 of Chicago Marathon Training
Monday, July 11: Rest/Stretch/Roll (travel day)
Tuesday, July 12Rest/Stretch/Roll
Wednesday, July 13: 8 miles; 40/30 intervals; 1:54:28; 14:18 average pace
Thursday, July 145 miles; 40/30 intervals; 1:09:42; 13:56 average pace
Friday, July 15Rest/Stretch/Roll
Saturday, July 16: Rock 'n' Roll Chicago 5k (Garmin - 3 miles); 40/30 intervals; 38:54; 12:47 average pace
Sunday, July 17: Rock 'n' Roll Chicago 10k (Garmin - 6.3 miles); 40/30 intervals; 1:17:01; 12:18 average pace

Week Total Mileage: 22.3 

Marathon Training Mileage: 250.16
YTD: 676.48

Tough 8 miles after coming home from racecation.

This week was a bit tough – getting back to reality after a tiring vacation is not always fun. I ended up skipping strength training all together as I tried to get back into the swing of working, cleaning, unpacking, laundry, etc.

8 miles was supposed to be Tuesday, but pushed it to Wednesday as Tuesday was spent catching up on work/life. Those 8 miles were toooooough. My legs weren't having it – whether it be the heat and humidity or a bit of exhaustion post-vacation, or most likely both. Either way, I got through all of it outside, even though I was so very tempted to go on a treadmill at the gym to get out of the heat.

5 miles on Thursday on another brutal weather day. I was thankful for any breeze that blew threw and any bit of shade I could get into while running. 

5 miles in more heat and humidity. Sweaty!

Rock 'n' Roll expo was on Friday and then the 5k on Saturday morning. Weather wasn't too awful (actually in the mid-70s, sunny, 80% humidity)l, and I was pretty happy with our time. It was a new course this year, and I think it helped with some congestion issues (it used to be all on the path – this year started on the streets and eventually went onto the path). I ran this one with my mom.

RnR Chicago 5k!

Sunday I stuck with the 10k, as it cost WAY too much to upgrade to the half. The weather was actually ok - cloudy, which I like, and not nearly as hot as it's been the past two years (which was why I registered for the 10k instead of the half - it's usually 90 degrees and sunny with high humidity which meant by the end of the race I was miserable). I decided to run this on my own, doing the intervals I felt would work best for me. I ended up getting a new PR, which was really exciting. It was still warm and humid, and I got a side stitch around mile 5 that slowed me down some that last mile, but I pushed pretty hard and was very pleased with my results. It's nice to see the hard work paying off. 

After the race I met up with my friend Tom for some photos and chit chat, and then shortly after saying goodbye to him, it started to pour, so we walked back to the car parked at Soldier Field. Of course we were drenched with squishy shoes by then, but it felt kind of nice to get a mini-shower in haha.

RnR Chicago 10k. Received the Remix Challenge medal for running 5k and 10k.

I was planning on getting in more miles when I got home after eating some lunch and digesting, but a family issue came up that I had to deal with (nothing bad, just something time consuming and exhausting), so ended up with just the 6.2. Womp womp.

I'd like to point out that the plan I'm using is specifically tailored for me – my abilities, preferences, and goals. Each and everyone of us is different and trains differently, so I wouldn't suggest trying to copy my plan, but tailoring one to your own needs/goals. Or even better, using a coach like I do because they know what they are doing... I don't haha. 

I love Sweat Tracker and would recommend them to anyone interested in using a coach. And don't go thinking that coaches are only for the elite or fast. As you can see by my pace, I am anything but, and at first was intimidated by the thought of using a coach, but I really have benefited from it and lost all self consciousness. They are there to help improve YOU, not anyone else. No judgements, only encouragement. It's honestly one of the best decisions I've made in my running 'career' so to speak — using a coach. I wouldn't be where I am now if it weren't for them.

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