Monday, July 18, 2016

chicago marathon training 2016: week 8

Week 8 of Chicago Marathon Training
Monday, July 4: 6 miles at CP, 40/30, 1:19:00, 13:10 average pace, and Strength Training (week 3, workout 1)
Tuesday, July 5Rest/Stretch/Roll (travel day)
Wednesday, July 6: 8 miles at CP, 40/30, 1:51:34, 13:56 average pace (I stopped a few times to take photos, and it was hot, so we took our time and enjoyed the sights)
Thursday, July 7: Rest/Stretch/Roll (travel day)
Friday, July 8: 4.77 miles Hiking Mt Abraham
Saturday, July 9: Rest/Stretch/Roll
Sunday, July 10: Mad Half Marathon (13.19 miles), 3:01:34, 13:46 average pace

Week Total Mileage: 27.19 (running miles only)
Marathon Training Mileage: 227.86
YTD: 654.18

I was traveling this week and so I rearranged a bit to fit things in. Originally, it should have been 6 on Tuesday, 8 on Thursday, 4 on Saturday and then the half on Sunday. I knew with traveling Tuesday I wouldn't have time to run, so I ran on the 6 on Monday. I thought I could manage without any water for 6 miles, but by mile 3 I was cursing myself for not brining anything. I get so thirsty in this heat! I went home and chugged down some Ultima. It was so refreshing.

6 miles on Monday went pretty well.
Rehydrated with Ultima Replenisher Raspberry when I was done.

Thursday, while in Portland, Maine, my husband and I woke up a little earlier so we could go for an 8 miler around the town. The husband, being so wonderful, had looked up some (mostly paved) trails to run. I'd like to point out that while he does run, he is not one that likes to do races, or generally would use vacation time to go running. He was very nice in allowing me to go for my training run, and even nicer that he wanted to do it together. This was the first time I ever ran on vacation that didn't include a race. I've never done training on vacation – I gave myself permission to just enjoy time with whoever I was with, but it was so great to be able to stick with my schedule (for the most part) and still spend time with the hubs. It's a great way to explore a new city. 

It was so pretty running by the bay. Very calming.

We ran one that then connected to another that went around a lake for 3 miles. We had about .25 miles left at the end, so we ran to the Starbucks that was a little farther away to hit the full 8. There, we ordered some Trenta Refreshers and some water, since we only brought the one 16oz bottle with us on the run, and that needed to be preserved in order to last. He usually doesn't drink a lot of water when he runs, so I figured the one bottle would be plenty... but he ended up drinking more than I anticipated haha. Oh well, we survived.

The rest of the day we checked out breweries, Mead Works, and ate some delicious food. Thursday we left Portland (but first had stopped at Starbucks for coffee and Holy Donuts for the best donuts ever!) and traveled to Hill Farmstead Brewery, then Alchemist, and then checked in at our B&B. We settled in, went out for dinner, and had an early night.

Some photos from our hike.

I ended up skipping the 4 mile run on Saturday because it was storming most of the day. Also, we had done a 4.77 mile hike up and down Mt Abraham on Friday. To get to summit was about 2.6 miles, and about .25 miles away we saw storm clouds rolling in. Since the last part was mostly scrambling up some rocks, and we both only had gym shoes on, we figured it be best to just head back down early so as not to have to deal with slippy rocks. Mind you, we still had some slippy parts to deal with, and I might have fell once or twice, tripped a ton, and got pretty frustrated by the end at how tired my quads were, but we both made it back down (one of us with a few more bruises than when we started). 

We went back to shower and relax a bit, then headed to Ben and Jerry's Factory Tour where we had some ice cream cones, saw the factory, and got a free sample of Americone Dreams. Yum. We then had some beers at Blackback Pub and dinner at Prohibition Pig. Great food and beer in Vermont!

There were hills, rain, beer, and a fun medal. Great time!

Saturday was a rainy day, and we didn't have many plans. We picked up our packets, checked out the farmers market, and then spent the rest of the day at the B&B. We played some Scattegories out on the covered porch while the rain came down and then watched Indiana Jones. Pasta dinner that night and an early bedtime (or at least an attempt at one).

The Mad Half on Sunday was amazing. After hearing about the killer hills, I honestly was just hoping to finish in 3:30. I did much better than that, and was so pleased. At mile 11 I saw we were close to hitting 3 hours or maybe even under, so I ran way more than I ever do without taking a walk break. I think the last two miles I took maybe three walk breaks to catch my breath, but ran the rest of it. I was very proud of myself for pushing so hard. 

I'll have a recap up on the blog later today. As you can see, I'm busy trying to catch up on real world life now that I'm back from vacation, and over this past weekend it's been races galore, so I'm quite behind ;)


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