Wednesday, November 16, 2016

illinois marathon training: week 3

Monday, November 7: Rest/Stretch & Roll
Tuesday, November 8: 4 miles (50/20) --> Skipped
Wednesday, November 9Rest/Stretch & Roll
Thursday, November 10: 4 miles (50/20); 12:50 average pace
Friday, November 11: Rest/Stretch & Roll 
Saturday, November 12: 6 miles (50/20); 12:42 average page
Sunday, November 13: 8 miles (50/20 and 50/30); 13:14 average pace

Total Miles for Illinois Marathon Training: 70.53 miles

I've finally decided on my spring marathon and have chosen Illinois Marathon on April 22. You can read about my decision over on this blog post. I am officially registered for the I-Full Challenge (5k on Friday and the marathon on Saturday). I won't be racing the 5k, but using it more as a shakeout run and for fun. Plus, I'll get a shirt for both the 5k and full marathon, a medal for each, plus an additional medal for the challenge. Boom. 

Training was still a bit off (let's just say the first 3 weeks of training have been wonky, but will be happy to get back to regular schedule next week). Tuesday was a travel day, so missed my run. Was going to run on Wednesday instead, but I was so exhausted from the trip I just wanted to catch up on some rest.

Thursday I did 4 miles on the treadmill (it's getting dark so early now! We don't have street lights around here, and even though I have some great night gear to keep me visible I try not to run in the dark very often. The 20 second walk breaks seem so short, but like usual, just something that'll take adjusting to (and then adjusting again when it's shortened more ;) ).

Saturday 6 miler went pretty well. The weather was fantastic for an outdoor run. It took me a while to get out the door with a lack of motivation, but so glad I did. It was great to be outside running.

Sunday I did 4 miles at a 50/20 interval set, and the last 4 at 50/30. Legs were tired at first and then they warmed up a bit, but my sinuses were going crazy the entire time, which was annoying. Weather was great again. I had shorts and a long sleeve shirt on (which I wish was short sleeves about 2 minutes in as I sweat like a beast), and then there are people out in full winter garb (gloves, hats, puffy coats haha). It was in the 50s and was lovely. Want to soak in this weather while it's here. While still generally too warm for me, I still enjoy the 50s over 80s. Fall is my favorite (minus the sinus problems of course). 

I wrote a post about Illinois Marathon if you're interested in reading why I chose it as my Spring Marathon. Also, you can register for any of the distances (except for Youth option) with discount code bibravebonus and it'll save you $5 :)

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