Monday, November 21, 2016

illinois marathon training: week 4

Monday, November 14: Rest/Stretch & Roll
Tuesday, November 15: 4 miles (50/20); 12:28 average page
Wednesday, November 16Rest/Stretch & Roll
Thursday, November 17: 4 miles (50/20); 12:40 average pace
Friday, November 18: Rest/Stretch & Roll 
Saturday, November 19: Ditka Dash 3.07 miles (45/30); 13:14 average page
Sunday, November 20: 8 miles (60/30); 13:05 average pace

Total Miles for Illinois Marathon Training: 89.61 miles

Finally, back to an almost normal week! I was able to get in all of my training runs plus a fun run on Saturday. 

Tuesday 4 miles went well, not much to say other than I am happy with the paces I've been having. Definitely seeing improvements. Oh and it was the in the 50s, so great running weather.

Thursday was another good run. I felt a bit tired and sluggish, but powered through and happy with the results. Another warm day - shorts and t-shirts, but cold weather is on the way. Fall and winter are my favorite, though while enjoying running in the winter, I'm not quite ready for temps in the 30s as the high. We've been too up and down lately and it's hard to adjust to the 30s when it was just 70. Goes up and down, which makes my sinuses go nutty and often leads to me getting sick. But I'm trying really hard to stay healthy this year (lots of sleep and hydration haha).

Saturday was the Ditka Dash, which was just a fun run with my mom. No timing even. We ran 45/30 intervals. It was pretty windy and cold out, but once I was running I warmed up quick. Gloves came off at mile 1. It was a relaxed, fun event and even Da Coach was there at the start line to see us off. Pretty cool. I ran in aviators to be cool like him (they were in the packet along with a mustache haha). We stopped at Starbucks on the way home to get some hot beverages to warm up (I am always freezing after running outside in colder temps - even if I'm sweating bullets, the instant I stop I'm cold... probably from wet clothes).

Red cups are back and they are adorable! Love all the different designs.

Sunday was 8–10 miles on the schedule. I had hoped to push to 10, but after being super sweaty I was starting to freeze around mile 5 and at 6 my knee started giving me trouble (I think from the cold, I'm like an older person with arthritis type symptoms...). I thought I wouldn't get 3 miles with the breathing problems I was having (again - not acclimated to the cold - we went basically from 70 to 30 and my asthma acted up). It was partly sunny and feels like 25 with 10mph winds. Luckily I managed ok after being out for a bit. So I stopped at 8 with an average pace of 13:05.

I wrote a post about Illinois Marathon if you're interested in reading why I chose it as my Spring Marathon. Also, you can register for any of the distances (except for Youth option) with discount code bibravebonus and it'll save you $5 :)


  1. I love how happy you always look in your photos! Chicago has such great races - that Ditka Dash sounds really fun and I totally see your BTN 10k shirt Are you an Illini Alum?

    1. Thank you! There's a race just about every weekend - I love it :) I went to UIC.


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