Monday, November 7, 2016

spring marathon training: week 2

Monday, October 31: Rest/Stretch & Roll
Tuesday, November 1: 6 miles (50/30) --> Skipped
Wednesday, November 2Rest/Stretch & Roll
Thursday, November 3: Rest/Stretch & Roll
Friday, November 4: Mickey's Holiday 5k (3.16)
Saturday, November 5: Wine and Dine 10k (6.44)
Sunday, November 6: Wine and Dine Half Marathon (13.03)

Total Miles for Spring Marathon Training: 48.53 miles

It was another strange week for training as I was traveling to Florida for Wine and Dine weekend at Disney World. I ended up skipping my run on Tuesday because when I got home from work the rest of the night was spent packing. The usual. I knew I'd be walking around a ton at WDW, so I wasn't too concerned. I have my spring marathon narrowed down, but still deciding between two. I'll keep you posted.

Friday was the 5k, I think my mom and I ran 45/30 intervals. We had plenty of time to rest when we stopped for photo ops. I tried to remember to pause and un-pause my watch at each stop to get an accurate reading of what the time we were running was. I meant to compare to my mom's watch (since 5k isn't timed) to see how much of our time was spent waiting for photos. My watch had us at 43:55, which for a crowded Disney race isn't too bad. The one problem with the course is the out and back towards the end, where it's so narrow that you get caught behind a wall of people and can't go anywhere. I doubt there is any way for that to be changed, but it did get frustrating, especially if you are starting farther back in the corrals (I went back to D with my mom and we were near the front of the corral, and even at the start, we got caught by people just walking from the get go... not even an attempt at running through for a minute or two. Oy.), when you stop for photos, you just get farther and farther back with more walkers which makes it hard to navigate. Nothing against walkers of course, as part of my routine is walking, just saying it can be tough to get back up to the pace you want. 

Saturday was the 10k. Early morning number 2. I definitely missed just the 1 early morning and then the late night. Much easier for me to handle than 3 early mornings. Woof. I do believe at this race I forgot to pause my watch for one of the stops, as our 10k is usually around a 1:20 lately. My watch had me at 1:29:57 with 6.44 miles. I think we tried the 45/30 intervals again.

Sunday was our last early morning. Again I tried to pause and start my watch, but I think there was one stop I forgot to pause, and one other one I forgot to re-start after going, so my watch only had me at 13.03 miles, but we all know it is over that from the weaving.

Anyway, Disney was a ton of fun, though I was extremely tired with having to wake up so early three days in a row. I had to take naps in the afternoon to try and make up for it. Woof. I'll hopefully have a fun recap of each race (though don't hold your breath as I generally get so backed up on race recaps that I never get to them haha). Some fun photos at least ;)

What are you currently training for?

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  1. Congrats! I'm feeling seriously jealous seeing everyone's Wine and Dine recaps - I think I have to do it next year - but so grateful with my NYC Marathon experience with my dad. Did you run all 3 races with your mom? That is so wonderful! And hard to beat those medals. My next race is with my mom as well - a local half here in Tennessee :)


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