Monday, March 3, 2014

my first blog post

This is my very first blog post... ever! Please bear with me as I navigate these uncharted waters. My hope is that I can get into the blogging groove quickly, but no promises. This will be a fairly short post about what I hope to accomplish with the blog and what type of posts I'll be writing.

First off, I'm not even sure anyone will read this blog or find anything I have to say very interesting, so my main reason for starting it was as a documentation of my running (and a bit of life), as well as a way to stay accountable. Let's face it – everyone has those days (at least I hope everyone does!) where the thought of running is daunting or just flat out unappealing. The thought that someone else will notice my lack of weekly mileage will (I hope) be the push I need to get out the door... or in winters case, onto the treadmill in the basement. 

Maybe feeling accountable will also give me the boost I need to wake up earlier in the morning to squeeze in my workouts! I am NOT someone that enjoys getting out of bed in the morning... I tend to wait till the last minute to crawl into the shower/get dressed and get out the door for work. I've found the days I can drag myself out of bed and exercise in the morning leave me feeling energized and ready to take on the day, but I still find it very difficult when that alarm goes off. I know it's much easier to get it out of the way at the beginning of the day, that way it's off the checklist and no longer staring you in the face all day long. It's also great for those days that work just kicks your butt or you decide to meet up with a friend – you no longer need to feel guilty about skipping a workout because it was already completed in the morning. This battle with the morning wake-up call is one I've been fighting for a while, and perhaps with some tips or tricks from others, I can finally win... permanently.

Also, I am not an elite runner or expert whatsoever. Anything I write about is just my own experience and what I am learning on the way. I'm hoping that blogging will connect me with other runners – to make new friends and learn new things. I welcome all comments! I plan on having some posts where not only I review products, but where I ask for recommendations on products that other runners use and like. 

Other than weekly recaps and product reviews, we'll see where the posts take me... hopefully somewhere productive! I'd also love to include guest posts, once I've done some better networking. 

If I can be a source of inspiration or motivation to just one person, it would make me happy, as I have found so much of it throughout the running community myself. Any thoughts, comments or questions are appreciated. Thanks for stopping by :)

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