Tuesday, March 18, 2014

week in review; march 10–16

Well folks, not much to report for the week of March 10–16. On Monday, I started to get that pesky cold that seemed to be going around and by Wednesday, it was a full-fledged sinus infection (it started with my sinuses feeling pressure and clogged, and then progressed to the more extreme post nasal drip, coughing/sore throat and chest congestion, which made breathing very difficult... I don't think having asthma helped the situation). I'm used to sinus infections, as I unfortunately get them frequently, but this was bit too much to handle. Usually, with the help of NyQuill, drinking a lot of water, and lots of sleep and rest, I can kick it, but not this time. I could barely get any sleep, as I was coughing the entire night, and by the morning my back and neck would be sore from my attempt at sleeping sitting upright. My good friend NyQuill had let me down.

I decided it wasn't going to go away with over-the-counter medication any time soon, so tried to make an appointment to see my doctor - - there were no openings for the next few days (what?!). I ended up making an appointment (online! very convenient) for a Walgreen's Healthcare Clinic to get some antibiotics. They accept walk-ins, but I figured better to have an appointment and hopefully get seen on time. Thank goodness for that, because when I went in, they were no longer accepting walk-ins for the day. Phew. I think I might have cried if I went as a walk-in and couldn't be seen. Anyway, the meds have started to work, and I am feeling a bit better.

With my sickness, I was unable to run at all, which was such a disappointment, since I was starting to get back into a groove (and was even waking up early in the morning to run before work). I was also supposed to run a St. Patrick's Day themed 7k on Saturday morning with my mom, but had to skip it :( There was no way I would have survived. I could barely make it up the stairs without being tired and winded, let alone get through nearly 4.5 miles, even if I walked leisurely. I was hoping to be able to have a nice race recap on the blog... oh well. Turns out skipping was the right thing to do, since I was up all night Friday coughing, which led to having very little voice left on Saturday. I had no energy to leave the house, let alone go to a race.

Anyway, my week consisted of moving from the bed to the couch and back to bed. Other than going to see the doctor, I didn't leave the house for five days. I watched a lot of tv. Isn't it funny how when you are busy, all you want to do is sit on the couch and watch tv/movies, but when you are sick and that's all you can do, you have the urge to clean, organize and do all the things you don't have the energy to do? Mentally, it was hard to just lay around and do nothing - I was making running lists of things that needed to be done. Physically, all I could do was lay around and get rest.

Seeing everyone's great race results from their races over the weekend really made me want to kick off the blankets and get outside! Hopefully by the end of this week, this sinus infection will be gone and I can get back to it! I was also pretty bummed that I had to miss all of the fun St. Patrick's Day celebrations happening over the weekend :( Hope everyone else had a great time!

I hope you all had a great weekend! If you were someone that had a great race, or were even able to complete a race, over the weekend - - congrats! I was very inspired by all of the PRs and stories that were being shared :)

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