Monday, March 31, 2014

week in review; march 24–30

Not much to report this week, though by the weekend I finally was able to get back into running without hacking up a lung. Yes, still a lot of coughing, but not so bad that I had to stop early. 

Monday, March 24
rest day
Monday night I found out that I sadly did not win the contest for #LuckyLolla. Somehow, none of the numbers I drew for multiple email addresses were winners (I guess not too surprising, with the amount of people that entered, but I sure was hoping for it). Anyway, it meant I would have to try and purchase tickets Tuesday morning. Last year, they sold out in a day (it's not unlike runDisney events, in that respect), so I knew I had to be ready right when they went on sale to get in the virtual queue to purchase.  

Tuesday, March 25
rest day
I was able to snag a 3-day pass for Lollapalooza, but not an early bird. It would have been nice to save $25, but it wasn't as big a savings as it was in previous years. I was happy to get a 3-day and not have to deal with trying to get single day tickets like last year. That was a huge pain, and I was only able to get Friday and Sunday. I don't care for much of the crowd that goes, I am getting older, after all, but I really enjoy the music—hearing bands I'm already a fan of, as well as finding some new ones to add to the playlists. It's always a good time (minus the horrible heat we get every year that weekend), whether I'm by myself sitting in the shade of a tree, or with some friends. Yes, I usually spend a lot of time alone, since cell service is atrocious, which makes it hard to meet up with anyone unless you already had a time/meeting place, and even then it can be hopeless. I don't mind, though I wish DH would be off of work just one year so we could go together. He's only made it to one day of the festival before, and then his work schedule changed, which means he works that weekend every year for the foreseeable future. Bummer. Also, I'm a little disappointed in the line-up, only because a lot of the bands are repeats—I was hoping for some new blood. Don't get me wrong, many of them are awesome, and it'll be great to see them again, but I'd like to hear/see newer bands that I haven't yet seen.

Wednesday, March 26
rest day
Nothing exciting to report.

Thursday, March 27
rest day
Again, not much happening.

Friday, March 28
2 mile walk
On my lunch break, I walked over to Navy Pier for the Shamrock Shuffle 8k packet pick up. I will do a separate post regarding my expo experience. Friday night, DH and I started watching American Horror Story Asylum... yikes! It's a lot more gruesome/scary/creepy/gross than the first season, in my opinion. I was worried I'd have nightmares! Haha... happy to report all has been ok, so far. We had finished House of Cards second season a few weeks back and had caught up on other shows and have quite a long list of other shows we want to watch (Breaking Bad, House of Lies, The Walking Dead), but decided on AHS. It's nice that it's only about 13 episodes, so it's not 24 episodes per season with 6 seasons, or anything that'll be too time consuming. We're a bit busy at the moment, and I find it hard not to be able to watch every season quickly haha. Impatient much?

Saturday, March 29
3.11 mile run/walk with 14:47 pace
I FINALLY felt healthy enough to attempt a bit of running. I did 30 seconds running and 2 minutes walking, as a way to ease back in and hopefully keep the coughing at bay. I managed to finish without any major problems, which made me very happy. I had missed it! I was also happy to get back to watching LOST episodes, though in a way, I'm hoping to have to start watching them at other times of the day, as Spring might finally make it's appearance. At that point, I'll be running out the door and out into fresh air! We aren't quite there yet, but I sense it's arrival. We've had a few, scattered beautiful days in the 50s and lower 60s, which makes everyone eager for it to stay, but we'll be back in the 30s and 40s later this next week. Fingers crossed it doesn't do the usual skip spring weather and go straight for summer (I'm not a fan of the heat and even less of a fan of running in it).

Sunday, March 30
The Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8k
Official time: 1:13:32, 14:48 average pace (not much to write home about, but I was just happy to make it to the finish line, and not having any moments where I needed to step to the side with coughing fits at any point)
Nike+GPS watch info: 1:13:32, 5.32 miles, 13:49 average pace (I'm not great at running tangents, I guess...)
It was a pretty great day for a run, and I'll write a post with a race recap coming later this week, so stay tuned! DH and I have worked our way through 6 episodes of AHS Season 2, and it's crazy!! I would recommend checking it out, if you haven't already. I love that you can watch any season you want and that it doesn't have to be in order (though that's how we are doing it, since we watch when it's released on Netflix streaming). it's really interesting that each season is it's own plot and storyline, though it incorporates a lot of the same actors/actresses. Anyway, if you can handle some blood, violence, and gross images, then seriously, watch it. The plots are really interesting and keep you very interested.

How was everyone else's weeks? Any great stories, PRs, or eventful moments? Any music festivals/concerts you like to attend? Are you currently watching any TV shows you'd recommend?

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