Thursday, March 6, 2014

wine & dine half marathon sells out

Can you guys believe how quickly the Disney's Wine and Dine Half Marathon sold out this year? In just over 24 hours the race was at maximum capacity. Say what?! I registered for my first runDisney event (this same one we're talking about) back in 2012, and it was mid-July. I don't know when it went on sale, because back then I didn't know anything about these races at Disney, but I know it was not just days after registration opened, but rather weeks (maybe months?). I do believe that registration opens a little early as the years progress, so perhaps it opened in late April? Anyone have actual dates from back then? 

I found out about Disney's Wine and Dine Weekend while reading Runner's World in a car maintenance waiting room back in 2012, and thought it would be great fun. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed. I was able to convince my mom to go with me, and she ran Mickey's Jingle Jungle 5k in the morning and I ran the half at night. This was also my first trip to Disney World since I was a young teen, and I had so much fun exploring the parks. Of course now, I've turned into a bit of a runDisney fanatic, wanting to go to all the races every year (which unfortunately, will never happen as I don't have the green to afford it!), but that's another story for another day.

Anyway, my point is, that it used to be at least a few weeks before the race sold out, and this year it took just over a day. 

Do you think it's because runDisney has gained in popularity these past years (or even running itself becoming more popular), that it's because the Wine and Dine is celebrating it's fifth year anniversary (which means a new medal design), or because the new Avengers race was added the following weekend, allowing people for a chance at gaining a Coast to Coast medal? Perhaps it's a combination of all of these things. What are your thoughts?

If you are interested in the Wine and Dine weekend, the Mickey Jingle Jungle 5k is currently at 60% and the pre-race taste is 75%. I wouldn't sit on a decision too long, since who knows when these events will sell out. I can't say much about the pre-race, since I've never been, but I hear a lot of mixed reviews. Some people think it's great and worth the money, while others suggest going to a table-service restaurant instead. 

If you weren't able to get a spot for the half, might I suggest running with a charity group? I ran in 2013 as an ASPCA Ambassador, with no fundraising minimum (I decided to raise funds for them after I had already registered for the race). It felt great to run for a cause, and I dedicated each mile to a person that had donated, which gave me motivation and support throughout the 13.1 miles. You can find a list of the 2014 participating charity groups on the runDisney page (scroll down the page till you reach Charity Groups). I don't know if any of them have available spots still, but it's worth a look. 

Also, if you have friends running the half, but you were unable to secure a spot, you could buy a Finish Line Party ticket for $75 that grants you access to the after party for some fun in Epcot until 4 am (starting Saturday night at 10 pm). 

Well, that turned into a longer blog than I was anticipating. My apologies. In an upcoming blog, I will talk about my own experiences with the race. It might come in the form of a little recap, or at least, what I can remember all those months/years ago ;)

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