Tuesday, May 20, 2014

the weekly chase #7

Road Runner Girl

Weekly goals for May 12–18; recap

Goal #1 - Continue to log all of my calories in My Fitness Pal.
I missed a few days, but overall did pretty well at keeping track of everything I ate.

Goal #2 - Catch up on my blog reading. I've fallen a bit behind, again. There's just too much good reading for me to keep up!
Check. I also finished another book.

Goal #3 – Organize my bookmarks and reading list on my computer.

Goal #4 – Clean the office. 
Sort of check... I got some bits cleaned up, but there's still plenty to do.

Weekly goals for May 19–25

Goal #1 - Continue to log all of my calories in My Fitness Pal.

Goal #2 - Continue to clean the office.

Goal #3 – Go through my clothes, donate items I no longer wear, and pack away most of my winter gear (jackets, sweaters, etc.).

Goal #4 – Finish my 10 miler on Saturday with an average pace of 14:00 or under.

Thanks to Mindy over at Road Runner Girl for hosting this week's Weekly Chase

What are your goals for this week?


  1. I feel so bad for the books on my shelf because i've been wanting to read them but blog reading always takes over!

    1. I know how that goes! Maybe in the summer, they'll get dusted off for some beach time ;)

  2. Good luck this week Heather! I hope your 10 miler is an amazing run!

  3. Good luck! Go get it! My goal is to PR my 10k this weekend. I have a time goal too, but as long as I PR, I'll be happy!

    1. Thanks, Scott! Have a great race! I'll be crossing my fingers for your PR and time goal :)


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