Monday, May 19, 2014

week in review; may 12–18

Monday, May 12: rest day

Tuesday, May 13: rest day

Wednesday, May 14: rest day

Thursday, May 15: 2 mile walk

Friday, May 16: rest day

Saturday, May 17: 1.63 mile shake out run (is it considered a shake out run when it's the day before?)

Sunday, May 18: Chicago Spring Half Marathon, 13.1 miles

A run down of my week:
Tuesday night was our final trivia night until October. While I'll miss it, it will be nice to have the evening free during the summer for getting in some runs or other form of exercise, cleaning, and hanging out with my little family. Thursday night, my husband and I did our monthly wine tasting and dinner date. Friday, my mom and I headed to Fleet Feet to grab our packets for the race. I also picked up a bunch of Clif Shot Bloks (cran-razz, strawberry, tropical punch, and mountain berry), so I could test out some new flavors for Dopey training. I am sure I'll get sick of the Black Cherry if that's all I use for 6 months ;) For a while I had used the Gatorade chews, which were fine, but I started to get annoyed with how they sometimes stuck to my teeth. The Clif Shot Bloks don't do that (at least, not as much). I also grabbed some G Endurance Carb Energy Chews in fruit punch (they seem more like the shot bloks than the regular chews), AND some Picky Bars to try (All in Almond and Lauren's Mega Nuts). I'll be adding on more mileage as the months go on, and need to figure out the fuels that work for me, so I'm trying just about everything! Why not, right? How do you know what works best, if you haven't tried what's available?

Friday night (after I got home from work and packet pick up) and Saturday afternoon, my husband and I headed to a new brewery that was having a soft opening. One of our friends is part owner/brewer there, so we were excited to check out the place, have some beers (we've always enjoyed his home brews, so knew that anything they had on tap would be delicious), and support him in his new venture. The place looked amazing, and was pretty crowded, which was great to see. Hopefully it'll stay that way after the grand opening... which I think it will. They had two of their own beers on tap, and then a whole bunch of guest beers (including JK Scrumpy's – one of my favorite hard ciders. I've never had it on tap, so was excited to see how it differed from the bottle; it didn't disappoint.). Eventually, they'll have a small food menu and more of their own beers on tap. We are looking forward to spending time there in the summer when they have their patio area set up—they are currently waiting on approval from the town. Saturday evening I gathered all of my race gear and then settled in to watch Wolf of Wall Street. It was a very long movie, but the time went by quickly. Even though a lot of people complained about the profanity and nudity, it didn't bother me much. I'm pretty sure that was the first movie we've seen so far that was part of the Oscar Best Film nominees. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest and forming my own opinion on who the winner should have been, or if the correct movie was chosen :) I'm super late to the game in watching the nominees, but oh well.

Sunday I woke up bright and early for the half marathon. I didn't set any goals for this race; I had decided I would just enjoy the day and run/walk the race with my mom, and was happy with the results. I figured with my PR two weeks ago, plus another half in three weeks, I didn't want to push it too much where my next half would be too difficult. I didn't want any more blisters that would put me out of running for a week. I still got some minor blisters, but they aren't too bad. I'm going to hit up my local running store to get re-fitted for a new pair of shoes. The ones I currently wear only have about 200 miles on them, but obviously, something isn't working anymore. Not sure why they would suddenly give me issues, but it's really important to find a new pair that won't give me blisters like these have the past two races, especially if I want to survive Dopey/training. I find it odd, since they never gave me problems before, nor did the pair before them that was the same model. I digress. I'll have more details about the race in another post.

How was your week? Have you ever had any Picky Bars? If so, what are your favorite flavors? What type of fuel do you use on your runs – Clif Shot Bloks, Clif Shots, Gatorade Chews, GU, Honey Stingers, Sports Beans, or real food like pretzels, grapes, candy? Always looking for new things to try :) What did you think of Wolf of Wall Street?

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