Wednesday, June 4, 2014

happy national running day!

This is a bit late in the game, but I had planned on writing a short post about National Running Day and a few reasons why I run. Unfortunately, life got a bit in the way (not in a bad way, just kept me busy), so it's coming to you late in the evening. I had to get out for a run in order to keep up my streak before I could sit down and type this guy. Anyway, Happy National Running Day to all you running guys and gals out there! I hope you were able to squeeze in a run–short or long. As long as you enjoyed it, it doesn't matter how many miles!

In honor of the day, here are the top 10 reasons (or, the 10 reasons that came to mind first) why I run, in no particular order:

1. To stay fit/so my pants button. I originally started running as a new activity to keep stay fit (aka to stop my pants from getting too tight, and so I wouldn't get out of breath climbing a flight of stairs). I didn't think I would like it enough to keep going for years. Registering for races has given me the motivation and push I need to get out there week after week, even if I'm tired or feeling lazy.

2. For health reasons. This plays off of number one, but goes a bit deeper. Being active and getting cardio into your daily routine is important. They say everyone should be active for 30 minutes a day—it's good for your heart. If it's a running rest day, I try to at least get in a half hour of walking. 

3. To become a better me. Running has helped me with my patience. It has helped keep me motivated. I'm able to show myself that I CAN do something, even when my mind thinks I can't. It's shown me perseverance. Every day I run, I feel like I learn more about myself and the things I can accomplish.

4. Racecations! I don't think this even needs explanation. I love planning vacations around races! I've only done it with runDisney races so far, but I am looking into the Nike Women's series, Diva races, Rock 'n' Roll series, and basically every race that would take me to another state haha. 50 races in 50 states sounds like a great bucket list item.

5. Mood and confidence booster/sanity. It really does help with my mood. I find that if I run in the morning, I'm a happier person all day. I'm not rushing to get to work, because I woke up in time to run, shower, get ready, and even have time to spare. I feel healthier for the rest of the day, which leads to drinking more water and making better choices with food. Accomplishing a run, whether it be a mile or 10, gives me confidence and makes me feel proud of myself for getting out there.

6. Bling. My husband doesn't care much for medals, but I sure do! I think it has something to do with the withdrawal I'm having since retiring from Irish Dancing. No more crystal, china, trophies, or medals. It was a sad few years until I decided to run half marathons ;)

7. runDisney. The Wine and Dine half marathon in 2012 was my first runDisney race, and I've been hooked ever since! It was my first racecation with my mom. She did the 5k and I did the half that night. After deciding that waiting for me at the finish was too stressful for her (and let's face it, too long of a night waaaaiting for me haha), she decided she wanted to try half marathons as well. Now she is also hooked. I had only been to Walt Disney World once when I was younger, and only for one day, so it was so great to come as an adult and feel a bit like a kid. I had so much fun at the parks and on the run! The run!—the volunteers were SO amazing, as were all of the other runners and walkers. Going through the parks at night time was so wonderful, and what made it better was that I prefer to run at night. No sunglasses, no sun, no hats or visors... just the moon and stars. Ahhh. Love.

8. Friends. Since starting this blog a short time ago and becoming more active on twitter, I have found and become a part of the running community, and let me tell you, it is fantastic. I love the support, kindness, tips, and general attitude of everyone I've interacted with. I look forward to meeting them in person some time soon, I hope :)

9. Competitive side. I was a competitive Irish Dancer for 20+ years, so having something else to work on, improve, and 'compete' in has helped me in my adult life. I'm not competing against other runners, just myself. (I found it's best not to compare yourself to other runners. Everyone's journey is different, everyone started at a different time, some people might have more natural talent at it than others, and some work REALLY hard at improving themselves. Any way the cookie crumbles, what matters is you do the best you can do.) I really enjoy working on bettering myself, pushing myself to get new personal bests, etc.

10. Relieve stress. Exercise relieves stress. If I have a rough day, running makes me feel better. I don't feel like this needs much explanation, but I will leave you with this quote, "Exercise gives you endorphinsEndorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands... they just don't."

Thanks to any one that takes the time to read this or any other post, and for those that always comment. You guys/gals are wonderful! I hope you know that I appreciate your time and kind words :)

What are some of your reasons for running? How long have you been running? Why did you start? Did you run today? I only had time for a quick 1.1 miles, but I've kept up my streak. Yay. 


  1. Wine and Dine 2012 was my first Disney race too and I was HOOKED! This year will be #3 and after running the Half during Marathon Weekend, I know why I love it so much. Night, better course, and oh yes....AFTER PARTY!!!

    1. :) I have yet to do a race at WDW that isn't the Wine and Dine (though I will be in 2015, yay!), but I hear it's special because it goes through three parks. I love running through Hollywood Studios and the The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights – so fun. And yes, that After Party! So amazing. Maybe I'll see you down there this year, as we both complete our third :)


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