Monday, June 2, 2014

week in review; may 26–june 1

Monday, May 26ran/walked the Ridge Run 5k (actual: 3.18 miles)

Tuesday, May 27ran/walked 1.01 miles

Wednesday, May 28ran/walked 1.14 miles

Thursday, May 29: ran/walked 3.25 miles

Friday, May 30: ran/walked 2.55 miles

Saturday, May 31: ran/walked 3.67 miles

Sunday, June 1: ran/walked 1.15 miles

#RWRunStreak Challenge mile total: 15.95

Monday I ran the Ridge Run 5k for the, I believe, fourth year in a row. It's a great race with a lot of neighborhood support, but always so dang hot and humid! It never fails. It was a busy Memorial Day – after the race I showered and met a friend for lunch, then went for a leisurely swim, then went to dinner at my in-laws. I needed another day off of work to rest up after the 3-day weekend! I decided to join the Runner's World Streaking Challenge, so have been running at least a mile every day since Monday. 

The weekend was quite a whirlwind. Friday after work I headed to my new favorite brewery to watch the Hawks game. Saturday was the same brewery's Grand Opening Party, so we headed up there in the early afternoon and stayed until 11 (it was so dang hot out! I actually brought a Nalgene bottle and some Nuun to make sure I was hydrating all day). It was a great crowd, so was really happy for the owners that it was a successful day. They even had a BBQ food truck that ran out of food (except fries and burgers) less than 2 hours into their 'shift'. Crazy! I guess they smoke the meat for 14-hours, and usually have left overs, so the fact that they sold out quickly was amazing (says a lot for the large crowd and the food truck, I think). 

Sunday was laundry day, along with lay on the couch and play Wii with my husband day. In the early evening we met with my family for dinner at an Italian restaurant (YUM!). I loved getting to hang out with my family—especially my nephews, who are goofs and make me laugh constantly. We stayed home to watch the game because we were so exhausted from the late nights on Friday and Saturday. Unfortunately, the Hawks lost in overtime, but they had a great season (and good for them for pushing it to a 7 game series).

Something super exciting for me that happened over the weekend? My Garmin Forerunner 220 was delivered! I'm sad to be leaving my first serious watch, the Nike+GPS Sportwatch behind, but the time has come. The battery life isn't what it used to be, and with more running and longer training runs in my (sort of near) future, I figured I needed something new and dependable. Plus, having new toys or clothes inspire and motivate me to go running :) 

I think I might still use the Nike phone app for shorter runs where I'm not worried about my phone dying so I can still 'compete' against my friends and family for top of the leaderboard, as well as continue to earn badges and set new records, but for real training, it's the Garmin. I decided to start using it June 1, and for the short time it was used, the verdict was in: LOVED it! It is so light weight and the screen was easy to read. I look forward to playing around with it some more to learn all the cool new features available to me.

How was your weekend? Any races or eventful long runs? Any tips for participating in a running streak challenge? What sort of tracking device do you use – an app on your phone, watch, or something else? I would love to hear what you use and what your experiences have been with it. Do you feel sentimental towards any of your running gear?


  1. I did the RW running streak over the winter when I was in better shape! Since i'm in the recovery process I didn't want to commit...haha

    1. How did that one go? Were you able to get in the mile or more everyday for it? Yeah, it's probably best to not to participate – no need to injure yourself further!

  2. I'm looking at getting the Garmin 220 so it's good to hear you like it so far!

    1. Yeah, it's really nice. It will take some time and playing around to figure out all of the different features haha.


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