Monday, June 23, 2014

week in review; june 16–22

Monday, June 16: 1.32 miles - weather not recorded

Tuesday, June 17: 2.57 miles on the lakefront during my lunch break; 88 degrees (felt like 91), sunny, with 52% humidity

Wednesday, June 18: 1.04 miles; 79 degrees, sunny with 75% humidity

Thursday, June 19: 2.65 miles; 73 degrees, 83% humidity, and thunderstorms

Friday, June 20: 1.09 miles; 73 degrees, partly cloudy with 75% humidity

Saturday, June 21: 2.73 miles; 79 degrees, sunny with 65% humidity 

Sunday, June 22: 7.11 miles; started around 80 degrees and was 86 degrees when I finished, sunny with 56% humidity

Week total: 18.51 miles
#RWRunStreak Challenge total: 79.76 miles

Hi guys! How was your weekend? Hope everyone had a chance to relax and enjoy themselves!

My running streak is staying strong. I cannot believe I have gone for a run for 28 days straight. That seems insane to me! I can't say for sure, but I think the longest streak I have done is 3 days haha. Not too much longer to go. I think I might be sad when it's over – it's been a great motivator, and I hope it's helping my body prepare for back-to-back race days (for training/Dopey!).

The week was another busy one, but I still managed to get in the runs I needed. I even took my running gear to work one day, since I was unable to get my run in during the morning and knew I had no time after work. There was also threat of rain/thunderstorms every day, so I had to switch around my schedule a bit to try to avoid the lightning. 

As far as my busy week went: Wednesday night I went to a dance recital, met with a friend for dinner/drinks after work on Thursday, Friday the husband and I grabbed dinner at our favorite grilled cheese themed food truck (delicious), Saturday I took my car in for some maintenance then went to a graduation party, and Sunday I did laundry and to the in-laws for dinner (my sister-, brother-in-law and nephew were in town). (I was excited to get home last night so I could participate in the #runchat and for the first episode of the final season of True Blood.) As usual, not a whole lot of down time haha, but it was great to spend some time with friends and family during the week/end.

Going back to the Run Chat, I had heard that TweetChat is a great tool to use, so I tried to use that for the the chat last night — I thought it would be easier to follow and reply to others. I would be reading a post, and before I could finish, new ones kept popping up, making it difficult to reply to anyone. I was SO overwhelmed and frustrated, so I ended up just going back to using my phone. I feel like I missed so much, though. Any advice on how best to follow along with twitter chats? Do you use an outside source (as in, not your twitter app or twitter on your laptop, but Hootsuite or somethine like that)? How do I keep up with the thousands of responses? I'd like to be able to read the majority of answers to the questions, but probably only got through about 20%. Eeks.

Anyway, overall, running has been going well. My pace has been improving slightly, and I haven't even been focusing on it that much. I don't know if my body moves better with the heat, or I am just trying to finish quicker because I hate it (the heat and sun, not running). Either way, I am pleased. 

How was your week? Have any races or long runs over the weekend? How did they go? Any True Blood fans?


  1. A run around a lake sounds fabulous! Sorry I have no advice on the twitter chats! I'm just as overwhelmed as you are, haha! Good luck!


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