Monday, June 16, 2014

week in review; june 9–15

Monday, June 9: 1.08 miles / abs

Tuesday, June 10: 1.02 miles in the rain / arms

Wednesday, June 11: 3.24 miles / abs

Thursday, June 12: 3.17 miles / abs and arms

Friday, June 13: 1.11 miles / abs

Saturday, June 14: 9.26 miles

Sunday, June 15: 2.64 miles / abs

Week total: 21.53 miles
#RWRunStreak Challenge total: 61.25 miles

The Runner's World Streak continues! Sunday was day 21, so I officially made it half way as of Saturday's run. I also got in a few exercises to increase strength in my abs and arms (mostly variations of sit ups and crunches + push ups). Hoping to amp that up some more this week and get in different arm exercises.

The week was extremely busy, with limited time spent at home. While I enjoy seeing friends and family, or spending time with my husband outside the home, I did miss having at least one lazy evening on the couch haha. 

Monday night we went to dinner at Gordon Biersch so we could use the free entree coupon we had before it expired. We might have also gotten some frozen yogurt after dinner ;) Tuesday after work I met up with a friend I haven't seen in a while to catch up. Wednesday I did my run in the evening (when I checked the weather before bed, it said it would be storming in the morning, so decided an evening run would be best, when it was only 10% chance. Of course, it ended up being fine in the morning, oh well.), so by the time I got home, showered, and ate dinner, it was basically bed time. Thursday evening my husband and I went and saw my nephew play in his t-ball game (lots of little kids running around in their uniforms, most not paying any attention = adorable and hilarious), and then we had our monthly wine tasting date. Friday night we went to the White Sox game. The game itself was horrible and way too long (KC scored 5 runs in the first inning, for crying out loud), but the fireworks afterwards were pretty great. Saturday we went for a trail run/walk and then had dinner with his parents. Sunday was spent cleaning the house, and then some friends popped over for an hour before heading to their family's house, and then our families came over for a Father's Day BBQ. Another great, but exhausting weekend came to close, and here we are again at Monday. Why must the weekends fly by so quickly?

How was your week/end? Any races or long runs of note? Are you in the midst of training for anything?


  1. Good job on keeping up with the running streak! I'm starting my marathon training plan any day

    1. Thanks! Haha – the marathon you are training for is for Goody, right? Will you be using a plan you created yourself?


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