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rundisney tinker bell half marathon weekend

Medals from the Inaugural Tinker Bell Half Marathon 2012. Source.

Yesterday, registration opened to the general public for runDisney's Tinker Bell Half Marathon weekend. Last year, runDisney introduced a Tinker Bell 10K in addition to the Neverland Family Fun Run 5k and the Tinker Bell Half Marathon. This year, they've introduced the Inaugural Pixie Dust Challenge. Runners registered for the challenge will receive two medals for completing the 10K and Half Marathon, along with a challenge medal. Two races and three medals! People love their challenges and bling—I know I do :)

I ran the half marathon this year and had a blast! It was my first trip to Disneyland, and I really enjoyed running through the two parks and along Anaheim streets. 

AND for those also doing Princess weekend in February—running the half marathon—you'll receive a special pink Coast to Coast medal! Don't worry though, I do believe you have the option to get the regular one, if you don't want pink (at least you could last year, from what I understand).  

Pink Coast to Coast medal. Source.

Other events over the weekend include the kids races, health and fitness expo, and a Pasta in the Park Party on Friday evening inside Disney California Adventures Park. 

Now, the way runDisney races have been selling out lately (challenges usually within an hour and then most other races selling out the same day as registration opening), I was expecting the same for Tinker Bell weekend. Shockingly, this was not the case. The only races to sell out yesterday were the kids races. The Challenge, Half Marathon, 10K, and 5K are all still available (though the challenge and the 10K are close to capacity). When I just looked, the PDC was at 90%, Half Marathon 70%, 10K 98%, and 5k 80% (on registration page says 80%, but on their meter at the top it says 75% – I'd go on the safe side and assume 80%). The Pasta Party is now sold out, as well. I wouldn't wait to long to register for any of the races, if you are interested. It'll be interesting to see when each one sells out.

Tinker Bell Half Marathon 2014 map from runDisney.

What do you think is the culprit? Were people mad about the change in weekends (Tinker Bell was usually held the weekend after WDW Marathon weekend, but was replaced that weekend by the Star Wars races)? This year, it is being held over Mother's Day Weekend. I imagine some people are unable to attend because of said holiday weekend. Also, the other races are all inaugural races, so perhaps that also gave them them the upper hand, if people have to choose between races (and really, most people do – these things are expensive!). Do you think runDisney opened up the race to more people, too? Hmmm... lots of factors to consider, I guess. I imagine there are a lot of factors and reasons that add up to less people registering for Tink. I have to also add that going to California in May is more expensive than it was in January, and I imagine it will be much warmer as well. Boo. 

Tinker Bell 10K 2014 map from runDisney.

It's really too bad not all of the races could be like this... or how they used be (aka didn't sell out until months later). I didn't even see about my first runDisney race until a month or two after registration opened, and when I decided I wanted to do it, it wasn't a problem getting registered. This was when I was still a newbie with the half marathon races and didn't even know that races sold out or were crazy popular to sell out in hours. But alas, runDisney has grown exponentially in popularity, and I fear this Tinker Bell registration (lack of madness) is some fluke. Remember how quickly Avengers and Star weekend sold out? Perhaps people opted for these races instead of Tink, since they're also at Disneyland and have a popular following themselves.

I'm sure people were extremely happy not to have to deal with the madness and website crashing that was Princess registration day. It certainly would have lessened the stress if everyone knew it wasn't going to sell out yesterday, am I right?!

As for me, I'll be there running the Pixie Dust Challenge and will be (hopefully) earning a pink Coast to Coast medal :)

What are your thoughts about the lack of sell out? Are you running any of the Tinker Bell weekend races?

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