Monday, August 25, 2014

week in review: august 18–24

Dopey Challenge Training: Week 8

Monday, August 18: rest day

Tuesday, August 19: Cross training – Bar Method (60 minutes)

Wednesday, August 20: Cross training – Bar Method (60 minutes)

Thursday, August 21: Rock the Night 5k (3.1 miles)

Friday, August 22: Cross training – Bar Method (60 minutes)

Saturday, August 23: 9.52 miles – Trail Run

Sunday, August 24: rest day

Weekly mileage: 12.62 miles
Total mileage for Dopey Challenge Training: 119.58 miles

I'd say this week's training went pretty well. I missed one run this week of 45 minutes, but had decided that since I was having some hip/knee issues, it would be best to use an extra day for rest – I wanted to be ok to run the 9 miles on the schedule over the weekend. 

Bar Method is going well. I'm still really enjoying it – every single class has been challenging, and they have a variety of movements that change a bit each class, so it doesn't get boring. I'm really starting to see a difference in my muscle tone :)

As for my runs, the Rock the Night 5k was a lot of fun (check out my BibRave review here)! I'll have a recap up eventually, but weather wise it was a bit nutty with a downpour for about an hour between 4–5, and then it cooled off, but the heat and humidity came back for the race start at 7. The post-race party and food were excellent.

Saturday's trail run was slooooow. We headed out a bit later than I intended, but weather wise it wouldn't have been any better earlier (it was hot and humid all the live long day, even in the early morning hours). It was about 80–85 degrees, but with 99% humidity which made for a pretty miserable run. Every once in a while there was a breeze, but most of it was quite stuffy. I did 30 second:1 minute intervals, and once in a while had to skip the run portion. I have a bit of trouble breathing in the humidity, so would take an extra walk break if I needed it. I was dripping sweat the instant I got out of the car! Oy, it was tough, especially since we've had such a relatively mild summer (still warm and humid, but not nearly as bad as these past few days and what it normally is). My husband came with and ran with me, so at least I had company (you know what they say, misery loves company haha). I had KT Tape on from Thursday's race and Friday's barre class, and it stayed on even through that humidity, so I'd say I found a good method of applying. 

My Orange Mud HydraQuiver Double Barrel pack worked perfectly again, with Nuun Energy Lemon Lime in one bottle and water in the other. I had filled them both with ice, which melted about a half hour in because of the heat, but everything stayed fairly cold until the end. I really love that bad boy. Another runner on the trail jokingly told me I was going to get mugged for my ice. I still use my Fitletic belt, which I use for my phone, energy chews, kleenex, chapstick, and inhaler for easy access. 

I drank a Powerbar Performance Energy Blend about a half hour before the run, and then took a Clif Shot Blok every 2 miles (Tropical Punch with 25mg caffeine). Energy wise I felt ok, just the heat and humidity was a bit exhausting. I received my Energybits on Wednesday, but hadn't had a chance to get that organized prior to my run Saturday, but I look forward to giving them another try before/during my upcoming runs.

We stopped at Jewel on our way home to pick up some items for lunch and dinner, so I got some chocolate milk to help with muscle recovery. I also iced my knee and my left foot arch when I got home (after my shower, of course... I was too nasty not to shower immediately, even though I was starving). I used a bag of ice for my foot, but used my Dr. Cool Wrap for my knee – it was awesome! I was still able to walk around if I needed (like when I needed to switch the laundry in the machines) or to go get some food. I think a small one would work well for my foot. That'll have to wait until next paycheck. I wore my compression sleeves and KT Tape out Saturday night, because really, I'm more concerned with my recovery than I am what other people think haha.

Besides hanging out with friends, going to a two year olds birthday party, my husband and I also went to The Field Museum to see the 1893 World's Fair Exhibit before it went back into the vaults next month. It was a really neat exhibit, and if you're from Chicago and haven't gone to see it, I recommend doing so before it's gone! 

How was your week/end? Any races, long runs, or cross training of note? Would love to hear from ya :)


  1. That rock the night sounds fun. I've been trying so hard to stick to the Goofy plan but I may have to skip a run or 2 this week!

    1. It's tough to always stick with it. I think you just do the best you can, but listen to your body and take an extra rest day if it's needed. It's more important to keep your body and limbs in working condition than to push too much and injure yourself worse, I figure.


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