Monday, August 4, 2014

week in review; july 28–august 3

Monday, July 28: rest day

Tuesday, July 29: 3.61 miles

Wednesday, July 30: Pure Barre Class (55 minutes)

Thursday, July 31: unscheduled rest day

Friday, August 1: rest day (Lollapalooza)

Saturday, August 2: unscheduled rest day (Lollapalooza)

Sunday, August 3: rest day (Lollapalooza)

Hi all! Sorry for the delay in my posting today. I had a very exhausting weekend spent out of the house, and then my computer at work was giving me a hassle so I wasn't able to get this done until now. My apologies.

The week in training went a little off schedule, as my Pure Barre class left me extremely sore, as did my 3-day Lollapalooza extravaganza. You can read about the Pure Barre class here, if you'd like. I'd say I was sore from that class until Saturday, and then all new pains from standing/walking all day on odd surfaces started at that point. I mostly felt it in my abs and arms, which are my weakest muscles. Better get to work (even more so than my feeble attempts) on my core and arms! 

I was supposed to have a 45 minute run Thursday and then a 3 mile Saturday, but ended up skipping both in order to have some extra 'rest days'. I have to say, though, that Friday through Sunday was anything BUT rest days. I was pretty much on my feet for at least 8 hours of each day (usually more), not to mention all of the walking back and forth to catch all of the bands on my 'must see' list. I saw a ton of great bands, and had a lot of fun (even though I was on my own all of Saturday and Sunday). I read somewhere that the four main stages (north and south sides of the park) were 1 mile from each other, and I did a lot of walking back and forth between them (plus, a few trips to 'The Grove' stage for shade and other bands. I walked about 8+ miles each day! Anyway, my feet and legs are pretty tired and achy, even though I wore sensible shoes. 

The weather, for the most part, was perfect. It rained a little Friday, and though it was warm, it wasn't like previous years. Saturday was really warm in the sun, so I did my best to stay in the shade and applied a lot of sunscreen throughout the day. I think it's my first year without any sunburning. Yay! Sunday rained the better part of the day, but I had my poncho, so didn't care much. I'd say it made it even better, really. Kept the day cool, and cloudy for the most part. My favorite kind of day ;)

Anyway, I'll be back on the schedule this week. I honestly don't feel too bad about missing those two runs, though, since I'd been having plenty of decent runs done in my not to distant past (and plenty of unscheduled run days when I was keeping up with the streak). Now if it was a long run, like 6+ miles, I'd feel guilty.

My friend and I are going to try a different class in the next week or two at a different studio. We really liked where we went, but the class availability was pretty much nonexistent - they were all wait list sign-ups, and the days/times didn't fit in our schedule well. I'll let you know when/if we try it and how it goes. It's called Bar Method... so not sure how similar/different it is to Pure Barre, but I'll let ya'll know.

I'm sorry I'm behind, again, on my blog reading! I'll try and catch up a bit and leave comments throughout the week. It's tough not being home all weekend, and then not being able to use your phone much because the battery drains so quickly in the large crowds at the festival.

How was your week/ends? Did you have a better training week than I did? I hope so ;) If you did a Pure Barre class, how long were you sore afterwards?

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