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amphipod hydraform ergo-lite ultra 20oz. review

Disclaimer: I received Amphipod Hydraform Ergo-Lite Ultra™ 20ozto review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!

First run with the Amphipod Hydraform - 6 miles!

In Chicago, summer has arrived (and came early this year, it seems). What does that mean? Other than high temps, that also means high humidity. That means when I head out for a run, I'm sweating the instant I step outside, but the sweat doesn't dry to cool me down, thanks to the said humidity. Woof.

Anyway, this also means drinking all the liquids! Even on short runs, I'm carrying water with me. A lot of my training lately has had medium and long runs - not many short runs to speak of, but I've carried my Amphipod Hydraform Ergo-Lite Ultra during the Bears 5k, 6 milers, and 12 miles.

I think 13 miles is the longest I can go with a handheld, personally, since that takes me about 3 hours. I'm sure others can go longer since they run quicker ;)

71 degrees is nice, but sunny and 75% humidity is not.

It was perfect for my 6 milers. I filled it with ice (the wide mouth made that easy), water, and some Skratch Labs. I usually had it finished by the time I was done with run. I love the larger pocket. I have an iPhone 6, but with the Lifeproof case, which makes it pretty large and in charge. This is why I opted for the 20oz instead of the 16oz. It mentioned the 16oz was big enough for the iPhone 6, but the 20oz said iPhone 6 Plus or other large phones. I figured it would be my best bet of fitting, and I think I picked right. It also had a key clip, a smaller pocket inside for ID/cash. I was able to fit my phone, key, inhaler, and chapstick. The pocket was stretchy, which made it easier to squeeze things in.

Some details about the Amphipod Hydraform Ergo-Lite Ultra:
• Sized for XL phones
• Thumb-Lock™ sleeve design for grip-free ride
• Great for hot and cold weather use
• Removable sleeve is hand washable
• Huge expandable zipper pocket for easy access storage with key fob
• Internal pocket divider for ID or keys
• Cushioned, adjustable strap for the perfect fit
• Ergonomic bottle shape allows hand to rest in a natural position
• BPA-free and dishwasher safe bottle
• Easy-access outer gel slots for fast-access nutrition
• Insulated integrated sleeve keeps fluids cool and bottle/hands sweat-free
• Jet-Squeeze™ cap is leak free

12 miles on the trails.

After a few hot, sweaty runs I decided to give it a wash so I would be able to mention it in the review. It says hand washable, but I'm a rebel and tossed it by itself in the washing machine on delicate cycle (cold water, minimal spin dry) and then hung it on the drying rack. Worked great - no damage to the sleeve and nice and clean. 

I actually woke up early to run before going to work! Had to 'beat the heat' haha

I'll admit I wasn't always great at squeezing the bottle to get the liquid out (I usually found it more difficult once the bottle was getting close to empty) - but I found it easy to drink from just sucking it out from the cap like I do most other water bottles haha.

An evening run also required Knuckle Lights. 

The only issue I had with this bottle was getting the sleeve on the bottle. Since it was insulated, it was a rubber-like material on the inside of the sleeve, which meant it didn't easily slide on and off. I reached out to Amphipod for tips, and they mentioned rolling it off and on. I found the rolling off to be easier than rolling it on. After the first time off and on, it got easier with each time. Either it loosened up a bit, or I just got the hang of it. It was nice that it kept it insulated, as it didn't sweat all over my hand making it tough to hold the bottle, and kept my water/electrolyte drink cool longer.

Decided to bring it for the Bears 5k. Glad I did.
I think I drank half before even starting haha. It was hot!

The Amphipid Hydraform Ergo-Lite Ultra 20oz comes in either blue (with a clear bottle) or charcoal (with a neon yellow bottle) and costs $30. The 16oz comes in charcoal (with neon bottle), purple or aqua (both with clear bottles) and costs $28. 

I don't use gels, so I can't speak to the gel holders, but they seem nifty. I thought the bottle was very easy to hold... or perhaps I should say that it was so snug on my hand I didn't even really need to hold it. It was comfortable—the shape of the bottle fit nicely in my hand. I honestly didn't really notice it being there or my arm getting tired carrying it. 

After the Bears 5k. Thanks for keeping me hydrated!

I weighed the entire sleeve and bottle portion and it was about 5.06oz. Filled with water and with the pockets filled with my usual stuff (giant phone/case, inhaler, key, and Chapstick) it weighed in at about 2 pounds. Whoa. That sounds heavy, but I was fine carrying it. Maybe because I've gotten so muscular during my strength training haha. I'm guessing other people managed to have theirs way a lot less, as I'm the girl that has the heaviest phone/case + carries extra things.

If you're looking for a hydration solution for the summer (or all year round), I'd suggest looking into the Hydraform Ergo-Lite Ultra 20oz or 16oz. 

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