Wednesday, June 1, 2016

ucan global running day conference

As most of you runners know, it's Global Running Day! In honor of this wonderful day that we all celebrate this sport, hobby, exercise (whatever you choose to call it) we all know and love, UCAN is having a Global Running Day Conference. Their lineup of speakers is pretty phenomenal, including Olympians and top coaches. You can access some video chats immediately once you register (for FREE!), and then watch the LIVE chats or the recordings at your convenience. That's pretty cool. I mean, I can use all the help I can get, so whatever tips I can gather from these amazing speakers I will. I of course am signed up! Here are the details...


Improve Your Running with Tips from the Experts

The very best in running come together for a special online conference in celebration of Global Running Day, presented by Generation UCAN! Learn how to improve your training and nutrition in a series of live video chats featuring Olympians, top coaches, and researchers.

You'll get free access to 4 video chats when you sign up, and you can tune in LIVE or watch the recordings at your convenience!


WHEN ::Wednesday, June 1, 2016
Global Running Day

12:00–12:45 PM EST
"The Mental Side of Running"
Coach Pete Rea, ZAP Fitness

1:00–1:45 PM EST
"Nutrition for Women Runners"
Carrie Tollefson, Olympian, Broadcaster
Dr. Cathy Yeckel, Assistant Clinical Professor, Yale School of Public Health

2:30–3:15 PM EST
"How to Train Like a Champion"
Dathan Ritzenhein, 3x Olympian
Amy Begley, Olympian & Atlanta Track Club Head Coach

5:00–5:45 PM EST
"Tips to Avoid the Nutrition Wall"
Coach Greg McMillan, Exercise Scientist

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