Saturday, June 11, 2016

chicago marathon training 2016: week 3

Week 3 of Chicago Marathon Training
Monday, May 30: Ridge Run 5k; 30/60 intervals, 3.12 miles, 13:07 avg pace (CP)
Tuesday, May 31: Rest Day
Wednesday, June 1: Strength Training Week 6, workout 1; 1 mile for Global Running Day, 14:05 avg pace
Thursday, June 2: Short run, 4 miles at CP; 30/30 intervals, 13:36 avg pace
Friday, June 3: Strength Training Week 6, workout 1
Saturday, June 4: Volition Half Marathon (13.22 miles), 30/120 intervals, 15:05 avg pace
Sunday, June 5: RAM Racing North Shore Classic (13.17 miles), 30/90 intervals, 14:16 avg pace

Week Total Mileage: 34.52 
Marathon Training Mileage: 90.66
YTD: 516.98

Week 3 of Chicago Marathon training is in the books (again, I am so late on my weekly recaps, but at least they are getting done, right? haha). I've been seriously swamped with work, running, BibRave-y things, and parties the past few weeks, making it tough for me to keep up with everything. 

This week was filled with races. If you recall, Soldier Field 10 mile was on May 28, then I had a 5k in Beverly on Monday, and two half marathons over the weekend. As if running two half marathons about an hour from my house wasn't enough, I also had three parties to attend which kept me out of the house and on my feet most of the weekend.

Ridge Run is a nice 5k, run around the town of Beverly (Chicago) on the south side. The community really makes the event - setting up water stations, turning on their sprinklers and hoses, and coming out to cheer. As usual, it was another hot race. I can't remember doing this race and it ever being cool weather, but I guess that's expected at the end of May. The main issue is the humidity, but that wasn't as miserable as years past. Anyway, I'll write up a recap on all of my races soon. The run felt good for the most part. My legs were pretty tired and sore at first, but they loosened up. Mostly mom and I run this one for fun, knowing we had the 10 miler over the same weekend + taking into account the weather. We did 30/60 run/walk intervals.

Strength training was a tough one this week. These exercises are NO joke, but I can feel them having an effect on my running, making me stronger and faster, so I'm really glad I've added it into my training.

I wasn't supposed to run on Wednesday, but I had to lace up for at least one mile in honor of Global Running Day, right? I took it super easy, since the week was mostly a resting week to prepare for the challenge of the weekend. Thursday's 4 miles went fine.

The game plan for the weekend was to just take it easy so I could complete both of the halfs without injury. My mom was running Volition as well (I had gotten entry via BibRave), and since we had never run it and weren't sure of the course, and since I was planning on taking it easy, we ran together. We did 30/120 intervals. The heat and humidity were tough for me this day, so I sometimes added some extra walking in there. It rained a bit, which felt amazing and helped cool me down. 

Fellow BibRave Pros 'Daddy Did You Win' & Frank

The race went great (look for a recap in the next day or two), and right after I grabbed a Subway sandwich, showered, ate, and then went up to our favorite local brewery for their second anniversary party. I stayed there until about 6 (I wouldn't leave until Toasty Cheese arrived so I could eat dinner) and then I went to my cousin's for my uncle's birthday party. I was drinking water like a mad woman, trying to re-hydrate for my next race in the morning. I went back to the first party to drop my mom off at her car, and to grab the hubs. He had a co-worker just show up, but I was done with the day, so secured him a ride home with someone else and went home to shower and gather my things for the morning.

I was in bed around 11 with a wake up of 4am (again) the next morning. Somehow I managed to wake up mostly on time and get moving for the next race. I was giving myself plenty of time to drive there, figure out parking, and meet up with some fellow BibRave Pros. I was on time for parking, but a little late for our meet up as I hung out in my car too long trying to get myself ready to go. The race was hillier than I expected, but I managed to get through it. I ran on my own, but there was another girl near me keeping about the same pace as me, so I used her as my motivation when I wanted to slow down. I wanted to stick with her, and if she pulled ahead (which she did often), I made myself catch up. It was nice to have someone that could help me push myself when I didn't want to because I was getting tired. I gave her a high five at the finish.

After this race, I had to rush home to shower and get to a family reunion. Busy busy busy. It was super fun, no doubt, but definitely tough. My husband asked why I ran all of these races the same weekend all of these parties were going on. My reply was that I decided to do the races before there were any other events on the calendar, and I wasn't going to skip out on them. Bring on the challenge, I say! haha.

On to another week of training. I love having my coach again to discuss my plans, goals, and general training with. It really helps keep me focused, and if I feel like slowing down or quitting during a run, I think of her and I don't want to let her down or disappoint her, so I keep pushing. It's helping me become a better runner, for sure. If you are looking for a coach (it's all online/email/text, unless you are in CA), but I highly suggest Sweat Tracker. The president/owner and my coach are amazing, which leads me to believe the other coaches are too. You won't be disappointed if you go with them.

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