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chicago marathon training 2016: week 4

Week 4 of Chicago Marathon Training
Monday, June 6: Rest Day
Tuesday, June 7: Strength Training Week 7, workout 1
Wednesday, June 8: 6 miles at CP (30/30); 1:23:03; 13:50 avg pace
Thursday, June 9: Strength Training Week 7, workout 2
Friday, June 10: Rest day
Saturday, June 11: 6 miles at CP (40/30 for 1.51 miles outside, then 40/30 for 1–4 on the treadmill, 30/30 the last .5 mile) 1.51 = 20:34, 13:39 avg pace. 4.5 treadmill = 54:25; 12:05 avg pace
Sunday, June 12: 12 miles at CP (30/30); 2:54:02, 14:30 avg pace

Week Total Mileage: 24.01 

Marathon Training Mileage: 114.67
YTD: 540.99

6 miles with my Amphipod Hydraform Ergo-Lite Ultra 20oz.
Perfect size for this thirsty lady. Also loving the NB Vongo and my new
Momentum Jewelry band.

This was an 'easier' week, to recover from my back-to-back half marathons the weekend prior. Week 7 of strength training really did crank it up a notch. Whooeeee.

I had to switch up the schedule a bit. I was supposed to run 6 miles Friday and 12 on Saturday, but I was caught at work late on Friday and with the heat, I just wasn't feeling 6 miles by the time I got home. Plus. Saturday was supposed to be crazy hot, while Sunday was a bit cooler, so it seemed smarter to get the long run going on the cooler day.

I started running in my New Balance Vongos and the more they get broken in, the more I'm digging them (I always wear my new shows for errands and walking around before running in them). Enough cushion with still being lightweight. I timed getting new shoes poorly, as I should have already had 2 pairs for rotation, and I was only using 1. This was working fine, but when I've had to do the back-to-back runs, I've worn the same shoes, which sometimes gives me knee pain (because the cushion hasn't had a chance to bounce back, or whatever the proper terminology would be haha). Also, my current Lunarglides have just about had it, so I should have also already been breaking in a new pair of those. I finally got a new pair, and have 1 old pair of shoes and 2 new pairs to continue breaking in. Anyway...

6 miles on Wednesday went well. Saturday I slept through the alarm, and by the time I got outside, it was already in the 80s, plus there was an air quality warning. Running with asthma can be tough enough, but when I got only a half mile in, I was having more trouble than normal and I was feeling nauseous. I decided to call it quits at 1.5 miles. Having to get to the dentist, I decided to shower and get that done and then go to the gym later to finish my miles. Running on the treadmill wasn't ideal for having to try out some new intervals for running walking (generally on the treadmill I can manage to run for 2 minutes and then run 1 minute... but since I was trying out new intervals I didn't want to deviate). 

After the gym. Wore my new Oiselle Strider Shorts - love the longer length.
I used to never wear the spandex-like shorts when running, too self-concious,
so I usually only wore them with a skirt or the kind that have the looser shorts
over them. I've gotten more comfortable with my body and am confident now
to wear them alone. I am what I am, and I work hard every day to improve
my strength and speed, and am proud of that. I run this body, as the cool kids say :)

I had attempted to create a workout for the treadmill equipment through the website before going to the gym, but when I tried signing into the treadmill it wasn't there. That was annoying. So, every 40 and 30 seconds, I had to press the screen to switch from the run to the walk. That got tiring. At mile 4 I dropped back to 30/30. It went fine, and my stats were pretty good, but pretty sure my watch is a bit inaccurate for indoor running (even though I also have the foot pod). I had the treadmill at a 1 incline, since I think a 0 is too 'easy' in a way, and for me doesn't represent how it feels to run outside. I need some type of resistance/difficulty added in, since the treadmill helps propel you.

12 miles on Sunday I did about 9 on the trails which are more technical and tricky than my usual trail (plus, more hills than any of my usual routes). I like running there because it gives you a chance to use some different muscles and helps build them up, along with ankle stability. It was warm out, but survived with a 14:30 average pace.

Tried out some new trails. Saw this little (actually sort of large) guy crawling
across, so obviously had to get a photo of him!

All week I had been using my new Amphipod Hydraform Ergo-Lite Ultra 20 oz bottles. So far I'm loving it. No leaks and it has a nice jet-stream nozzle. I'm able to fit in my iPhone 6 with it's giant case, plus a key and my inhaler. Love that. After 10 miles Saturday I drank the first 20oz, so stopped to fill back up. And then I continued to drink the entire 20oz in the last 2 miles. It had gotten warm and I apparently was extremely thirsty haha.

I'm happy with how training is going, and I think I say this every week, but I'm so glad to be working with the Sweat Tracker team again. They are really helping me improve. I honestly wouldn't know how to begin a training plan for a marathon, let alone trying to figure out how to increase my speed or change my run/walk intervals. They have worked so well with me and figuring out a great plan that works specifically for me. High-five.

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